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What are you?

Hi! My name is Ariela and I am bisexual. Please answer me in what sort of LGBT+ are you. I want to write a book about a girl who is figuring out that she is bisexual. What do you think?

Thank you! Byeeeeeeee!!!

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Im bi as well. I think you should write your book and put bits of how you found yourself in it to make it feel a little more real. When youre writing from experience the readers can feel the characters a little better.

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hey i'm bisexual aswell but still i'm unsure , i sometimes wonder if these crushes will last and i won't be Bi after all. i love liking girls and boys but family makes it hard. i think writing from your own experiences is key, it's a way to stay in touch with reality and sometimes it helps you on your own journey

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I'm bi and I think is a wonderful idea. There are a lot of stories to tell about this community, but the society keeps ignoring us. We have to write our own stories for ourselves and for others so they can relate with different experiences and they can understand us and accept us. Bisexuality isn't simple, sexuality I think is different for each one of us so we need to create art that represents all the colors and the shades to make feel everyone part of our community :)

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I am not LGBTQ+ but I have friends who are :) ! I have transgender and genderqueer friends ! I am a girl who I feel like people think I am a boy :( : I was extremely hurt when someone called me gay and when my own brother told someone: “ And this is my brother.... ” idk ! I feel like people think I look like a boy or something ! I looked myself at the mirror, I asked my friends if I look like a boy to them and they said I look like a girl ( I AM a girl ). What do you guys think I should do ?? I can’t take this anymore ☹️😔 !!

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