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Coming Out

How did coming out go for you? I went went with my parents, but I'm not sure how to come out to my brothers and friends. How should I tell them?

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I'm not out to my family yet, but I have short hair and bind and I just sort of... look queer? Everyone assumes I'm LBGT+ in some way, which I am lol, so I make a couple of jokes about "That's about as straight as me" and I'm basically out.
If you want to come out to your friends, try putting your gender/sexuality/pronouns in your bio on social media, if you have any? If people ask you about it, answer honestly, and... yeah. IDK, that's just some ideas I've got - don't get up and make a Big Speech(TM) or anything if you don't feel comfortable. It's definitely easier just letting it trickle through.

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I'm pretty sure everyone in my life knows I'm gay, but I'm officially out only to mu dad. I'd always knew he'd be okay with my sexuality because he has always been a very progressive man, but you know how this is, that is always that pessimistic side of you that is conviced that everything will go wrong, which is why I waited for a long time until I finnally did it. I honestly don't know why I decided to come out to him. We're in this port in our house, talking and waching the sea, and suddenly I was taken by this uncontrollable desire to tell him I was gay and boom, I did. I remember I started crying before I even finished saying the words, but he was amazing about and hugged and kissed and tell me loved me (and I pretty sure he cried a little, too) and that was it.

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