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So um...I'm new here...

Hi I'm pretty new, I just joined now and I can't wait to meet new people, read new stories, and grow as a pro author. I'm pretty nervous since I'm starting on a new site. I've been in Wattpad for 4 years and honestly I don't think I've grown that much as an author.

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Welcome to Tablo, I've been here a while but just come back after a few years of not writing much. I'm also on Wattpad, have been for a long time, but the audience here is a little different. Writers are their own worst critics, as long as you are writing you are improving.

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Thank you! haha you made me nervous now. Are the writers here really brutally honest? I gotta prepare myself. I love Wattpad but I just think I don't have a future in it. It was a great training ground.

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I think they are as honest as you ask them to be, everyone I have spoken to seems really nice.

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Ahh that's great to hear. There are some people who are honest with their critiques but they tend to just stomp on your self-esteem.

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