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I believe stories illuminate how we live and help us imagine the future.

My current project is a high fantasy murder mystery.

I recently read China Mieville, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Ursula LeGuin, N. K. Jemisin

In literary fiction, I'm interested in narrative structure and playing with the nuances of communication and language (between varying sentient species).

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I am a writer of a blog. I write both on medium and my own blog.
My name is Jessica a struggling writer.
I write on various topics but mainly fiction.
I am currently reading Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth but if you like a good list here is my good reads - I found the controversy behind this book enlightening. Everyone is screaming racist but isn't it valuable to see our society in light?
I am always interested in seeing and reading new ideas. Fiction is like life for me. I need to breath it , and I need to hear it.

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I try to mix the drama and verve of good pulp fiction with the nuance and lyricism of literary fiction. I'm interested to see if new types of media like Tablo can help to cultivate more literary forms of writing, and not just the fan fic and YA that looms so large on platforms like Wattpad.

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Truth, I'm interested in pressing the boundaries as well. For me, authors like China Mieville are doing that.

Trying to do so in my own writing, too

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So As it says, my name is Nina! Nice to meet everyone. I was on wattpad, and still am, but I heard about this website and thought I'd try it out! It looks a little more mature than wattpad, so I am hoping it won't be a bunch of teenage girls looking for cheesy romance stories.

Mostly, I write Fantasy and Horror.

As for reading, right now, I am really into Michael Crichton

I really like the details and flow of a story, especially fiction.

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Aha, a woman after my own heart, cant go past a good Crighton!
I've still got my first copies of Andromeda Strain and Terminal Man.
I've also done the wp jump though editing my last opus for the publisher barndance took me off there for lack of time.
Ive only one work here yet that I was facebook writing and including friends as characters. I still have a work on wp written in the same manner - present day politico scifi.
Im happy to exchange reads etc if you give me something with not too much horror !?!?!?!?

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Hi, I have just completed a PhD in creative writing at Adelaide University for which I wrote a cycle of short stories, all set in the area of Port Adelaide, South Australia. I am now looking for a publisher. I heard about Tablo on ABC radio this morning and am considering trying out one of my stories here.
I am currently reading the Paris Stories of Mavis Gallant.
The last books that really blew me away were Life After Life and A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson. Her experiments with disrupting linear narrative really appeal to me and will probably influence the novel I am currently writing which is mostly set in the U.K. in the late 60s and early 70s.

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Gidday Ed and congrats on the PhD. Glad to see it didnt burn out your writing genes. Id be happy to exchange reads with you. Narcissi is only in first draft so lots of depth work in yet. The rest of mine is on wattpad or doing the rounds of publishers, best of luck on that one lad. Chat soon hey!

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I've always wriitten. I'm very confident in writing non-fiction but when it comes to fiction I have no idea whether what I write interests other people or not. I have published several short stories and one novel for children (aimed at 8-12 year olds).
I also lack application. I have lots of idea for big projects but they fizzle out.....

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Gidday all. I heard Ash and Jemma on Down Load This Show and thought Id give you folks a go. Ive been writing for ever and as a dyslexic it is a therapy for me and a creative outlet. Ive had a few thngs published, my last short story is over on Stringybark and Ive four poems in the Royal Botanic Gardens - New Shoots Anthology. Ive two novels over at Panterra but I havent heard from them so I gather theyve rejected them. So they'll come here as time allows.
Ive had accounts on a few writing sites (UK NZ USA etc) and the wattpad one is still active with a good following which is fun but editing and rewriting my last novel took all my focus so Ive neglected WP for months now. Also the teens drove me batty. My last work there attracted a lot of ex military readers which gave me a great insight into how well y writing hit the spot. A couple of folks from there tracked down my facebook page after I'd gone quiet and harassed me for more so I started Narcissi on there and have now ported it to here.
I'd like to post all my works from WP onto Tb as its Aussie but I'll see if its wortht he time and effort before making that committment.
My major opus is a trilogy set in 13thC Australia still with mega fauna a regular trade with SE Asia and China. I call it Literary Medieval Scifi as Ive tried to use some of Marco Polos writing style.
If you see any spelling grammar or punctuation probs its because I havent. My dyslexia actually blinds me to where I have flipped letters and to multiples of things. I just dont recognise them till maybe the 4th edit or so.
My spellchecker keeps learning my foibles so stops highlighting after awhile and I have to reset it, so much for AI ...
If anyone reads my works please leave comments on absolutely anything, it is the only way I can learn.
On WP i had a few folks who got really good at seeing my mistakes and having a good laugh about it with me. So join me for laugh anytime!

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Gidday! Oh yes please on mega fauna, there used to be soooo many, now just a precious few. Can you link your most recent work?

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I am Yggdra.
I am working on a science fiction and fantasy novel.
Lately, I have been reading a variety of science fiction and fantasy books as well.
I enjoy world-developing, and the villains. I like fitting myself in their shoes, trying to flip my perspective of life into their's. I find it fascinating.

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I'm not absolutely certain what I write, as people that have read my work seem to interpret it wildly differently, even between different books.

The commonality is using apparently Supernatural Elements in Science Fiction ways, as well as focus on style and characterization over plotting.

I enjoy delving into the darkness of broken and morbid characters as well.

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My name is Mario Brash. You can call me Brash. Tablo is a swarm of knowledge hitting me so fast I can't find my bearings. So i thought I'd introduce myself and work my way from there. I like writing fiction, and my current project is a medieval-inspired story that's a bit dark. I wrote a science-fiction piece for NaNoWriMo, but I don't know when I'll be sharing that elsewhere. For now, I think I'm going to have to take my time just getting to know the people on here, so I'm going to reserve some time for that before publishing anything else. Time to get started. Feel free to say hello, and we can be friends.

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Well looks I am the first new person for well years. I started on here when it first started and used to write on here a lot. But it changed and I got a publishing contract so stopped posting. Used another well known site but that too is changing. Its all about publishing now rather than writing. So I write YA urban fantasy and I am weird according to my family but hey someone has to be. I have put a couple of my first drafts on here. Always on the look out for Beta readers.

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