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Hi, I'm new to Tablo and would like feedback and any tips on what I've written so far.

Hi, I'm still writing my story and would like some feedback on what I've shared publicly on Tablo. It's only two chapters and the opening sentence for chapter three. I'm new to Tablo and I like what I see. I'm writing on Tablo and uploading parts I've already written as I get to the chapter that is relevant. This platform has inspired me to finish my book. I have something important to say about living with mental illness for those that don't suffer, and hope for those who do. My style is very direct and concise with short chapters. Chapter three is where I really delve into anxiety and wearing a mask to cover your pain and suffering. This is my first book, and it's been in the making for over 30 years. Thank you for your help.

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I am really happy to find this site finally. The activities are really informative and meaningful, Thanks for the article and the effort! Please continue to share more like a blog. I have now saved it to my bookmarks so I can stay in touch with you.
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