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Hi, hope to hear soon with some feedback on tips.

I've updated my book and now have three completed chapters. I'd appreciate feedback now while it's still new. On chapter three, I'm looking forward to comments because I'm hoping I've shown what it's like living with anxiety. Please let me know what your thoughts are on what I've written so far. I'd appreciate your help.

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The chapters are very short (is that part of the style you are aiming for or because you are still scoping things out?). Also I think it is good if you can use the book to make your anxiety something more than a mental illness. The reasons for my sentiment on this are: a) it is NORMAL to be different (and thank heavens for that or we would all be stuffed!); b) my interest would be in learning how your mental illness/experience makes you different, special, strong etc ... I want to know what kind of hero you are to your life and circumstance. Happy writing!

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Thank you for your feedback. My chapters are short because it's my style of writing. I really get lost or bored in long chapters when I read other books. I have a direct, to the point style. Chapter three anxiety (my story) sample is just the start of showing what anxiety is like to live with. Throughout the book, it will be brought up through wearing a mask and on it's own. I do have many more instances where I go into more detail regarding anxiety in general. I haven't gotten to what makes me different or strong. Chapter one gives glimpse of my perseverance in life, and further into my story it will be revealed in more detail. The story of how I found what worked for me sets me apart from others in a huge way. You will find out what real hero I am to myself and to many others that I helped along the way when I was a traveling saleslady. I helped many sufferers before and since that job. What you've read so far is just the very beginning of my story of perseverance and hope. Maybe I should rethink of adding another 3 chapters to get feedback on. Chapter four is the story of my cat. I introduced her in chapter one. I promise you'll want to read every chapter until the end to find out how I found what worked for me. It was a miraclle. It was a beautiful day finding that answer. It was like being reborn and seeing the world for the first time through the eyes of a child, but I was that 60 year old child, and that's a chapter in itself.

Were you able to follow chapter three's sample of anxiety. Thanks again for your comments. You brought out to me an interesting side story or two. I have a lot of thinking and writing to do!

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