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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘literature’?

What kind of literature do you read?

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When I think of "literature," I think of carefully written and rewritten work until the style and the author's voice are honest. Correct often and carefully. Don't try to write like somebody else. Being yourself is being original. There's only one of you. Trust yourself. As a playwright, I know that writing dialog is easier when it is honest, and moves the characters and the story forward. Don't lecture. Keep yourself out of it. Let your characters speak for themselves. Literature, to my mind, is that every word belongs there. Good luck. This is probably of no help. What do I read? Mostly 1890 to WWII. Because I can relate to the authors of that time. Proust, D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Mann...are only a few. I find that each book leads you to the next. I also love Anne Rice; she knows how to write.

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