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Help please

can anyone tell me how they got there book cover. Or where they got them from?

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Personally, I created mine. I wish my book would go away on this forum as I re-created it due to a mistake I made initially, so my book cover (to a broken link) is blue. If you look at it in NaNoWriMo, you will see it's a sepia photo of a 40s woman, tilted, on brown. The book name is in the picture piece. I'll do a better cover when It's written.

I used Photoshop. Of course, I am a designer.

If you want me to whip one up for you, I'd be glad to help.

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I would be okay with sending my email if there’s a way to do it so that not everyone can see. Like through an Instagram dm or something

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Well, My real name IS being used. What harm in using my email? I'll use my "spam" email (which I seldom touch) and you can email me there and I'll respond.

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