Australia's Silent State

Politics aside the big question I believe we need to ask ourselves is what sort of society we want in Australia? Then its a question of who can best deliver that. I don't believe the community wants a crippled democracy, a system of government riddled with abuses of power and a society fractured by inequality. Neither do people want to...

Life of a Government Kid

Emma is a twin, her world is turned upside down when she's forced into the care of the government. Anything she says and does is recorded by people who pretended to care. These are recordings from real life events of Norma Faith. She has changed some names to protect identity.

Everyone's an Asshole

Each chapter is titled after text messages saved from a past hook up, and each story discusses personal experiences as a young woman living in the world. From the positives of meeting new people, to being trapped in situations of assault and abuse, my experiences are not rare to the world but this is my context.