My thoughts are satire. I do not care about the difficult words; despite being a difficult person. Perhaps, I care about the idea behind thoughts and feelings tied in complicated knots, woven into the shape of words. Being the dishonest being I am; I twist words to my convenience; self-preservation at its best. I care about...


A collection of emotional poetry. Like everything its down to perspective and personality I find most of them sad you may not. Penning feelings is food for the soul. I hope you enjoy the read sláinte x


Ballyhussa boreen was potholed in winter and overgrown in summer, but it was home - and it possessed my young soul and my growing body.. I grew up there - and bits of me stayed there. In the hedges and furze bushes, in the groves and ploughed fields, in the streams and ponds. This chapbook is a tribute to that happy place of my youth.