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Glad To Be Here

Hi Beautiful Authors,

It is always exciting to be among creative people especially poets. I am so grateful to be a part of this app and a part of this community of writers. I look forward to going to other's sites and reading your books.

I am just publishing works from 20 -30 years ago just because publishing has been so expensive or self-publishing has been harder than necessary. But not anymore. Tablo made it easy and the customer service is great. So while my first book was published with a brick and mortar business and my second I managed to publish on Amazon just last Saturday. After that experience I decide to look else where. As you can tell I am elated with the ease of publishing. So much so that I published 3 of my books of poetry this week.

I have two Children's books that are being illustrated now and if it works with Tablo I will publish here as well but for now dear poets, please visit my page. I will share one poem in a post and pray that leads you to my page.


Angela Rena

The beauty in all forms of art exist in the personal interpretation of those that create and those who reap the benefits of the artist's creation.


The Jazz Man creates cords
of harmony and strife.
The Jazz Man plays the sax
telling the travels of his life.

The listener hears beautiful notes
forming rhythm and heart felt soul
but only the Jazz Man knows
the truth that unfolds.

The Jazz Man’s interlude screams
joy and pain.
The Jazz Man blows the horn
to keep him sane.

The listener applauds
with shear delight
but only the Jazz Man knows
the victory in sight.

The Jazz Man ends his session
with a piece that breathes
hope for the future
and understanding of the past.

The Jazz Man knows that
at last
he has soothed a listener
and quieted his soul.

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