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Do you feel it?

There's a shift happening and while we all want to feel special ( because we are), it's not just you, it's not just me. I've been writing since my spelling was unclear and putting my emotions to paper ever since. I've also neglected my writing, not allowing it to be seen, appreciated, but mostly just exist in a community of people that "get it". For the past few months, more like a year, I've faced my biggest fears, have had suppressed traumas resurface, and rear their ugly heads. I am stronger than I have ever been but also the most vulnerable. Exposing my heart and mind while juggling all the things that have kept it away to begin with. What I have learned during this journey, through abusive relationships, including the one I have with myself, through a pandemic, and through the transitions of what my life currently looks like, putting ego aside, is that it's okay to be selfish (within reason), it's ok to be sad, and it's okay to say no... or YES! Being alone is scary but it is also the only way to truly understand how to heal, which does not necessarily mean healing alone ( ASK FOR HELP!!!!). Much like this community, there's a space for all to feel welcomed, so thank you, I'm happy to be here!

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