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Surely would be mine

Hey everyone, so I had a traumatic experience lately, I had a miscarriage. And I decided to write a poem to express myself...

-Surely would be mine-

-Everyone had their opinion. Some were nasty and rude
Who were you to share your insight when it had nothing to do with you?
And when it unfortunately ended. And it was all torn away from me
What was there to be said? Now I can go, be happy and live free?
Don’t you understand it was a shock at first and I was scared out of my mind
But that was something i came to accept, something that would surely be mine.
It’s not like it was real, you’ll get over it soon.
Really made me angry how people can be so rude.
it was as real as it gets, the start of a new chapter.
I won’t ever get over something like this and yes it really did matter.
It was painful and it hurt, not only my soul but my body too.
If you haven’t been through this experience then you wouldn’t know would you?
So before you open your mouth to me and think that I’m doing just fine
I have this constant heartbreak in my heart and this constant fight in my mind.
I blame myself for my actions and I blame myself all the time, because I lost something that i came to believe would be surely mine.


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The Greatest Poet. You are so amazing for handling this, and to express how you feel in a poem is clever, and in a way, it may soothe you. Do me a favour, and keep writing, no matter what.

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