Each One, Teach One

E pluribus unum, words that served as this nation's motto for much of our history--out of many, one. And yet today, as the map of the U.S. House seats after the 2014 election shows, we feel more divided than we have in a long time. Whether we have marriage, religion, privacy, or speech in mind, the illusory promise of safety has...

I Put A Spell On You

In I Put A Spell on You, Sam George-Allen explores how certain practices of women today mirror the work of their spell-casting ancestors. This collection sheds light on who witches actually were, before patriarchal societies painted these women as the wart-faced bedfellows of demons. 

'George-Allen uses an astonishing body of...


This is a brief little piece of writing about how mankind must leave behind its terrible habits of war and fighting and instead work towards a united Earth. It talks about the universe, our place in it, and your obligation to help make this united planetary utopia a reality.

Maintain The Rage

Young Teddy Gordon grows up with her single miserable father believing everything he has to tell her about the days of wine and roses and the true believers of the Whitlam era until she confronts her own political agenda as a university student on the brink of the reintroduction of fee based education in Australia