Its the house of God,from which God blesses his people. It's from here,this part of the earth worship and sacrifices are offered to God and the heavens open up here to bless God's people. It's a place of blessings.

An Unexpected Journey

Author Shellie Palmer gives testimony and clarification through poetry, devotionals, her own words and scripture of the unexpected journey we live in the world in this collection. The 5th of the series is a reminder to listen more, having patience and understanding with the Lord, with others. Regardless of beliefs and values you live...

The Good Servant

Through Him, the universe was created. Yet there He was, mocked, beaten, abused, barely even recognizable as a man. He knew he had the power to free himself from it all; still, he remained passive, silent and meek. They say that He was both God and Man. But while he was suffering, he suffered as a man. What could've been going...

God Explains It All

What if one day God started speaking to you, in ordinary everyday language, and offered to answer every question you asked, but made you promise, in return, to share the details of the experience with others by writing a book about it? That is exactly what happened to me. This book is the story of that encounter.

In the Shadows of Myrmidons

Hope comes at a time, and in a form that you least expect. Myrmidons: Those who are unquestioningly dedicated to a cause, have been referred to as myrmidons. Seemingly ordinary, broken people who react extraordinarily in extraordinary situations, can be called heroes. A hero is, almost by definition, a myrmidon of hope. But then,...

The Message

A Christian Novel, inspired by Frank E. Pretti's "This Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness." ✞ Join a searching man, and a wandering woman as they slowly unearth the truth. When the two eventually meet they realize the horrible moral, and spiritual corrosion of their region.

Heart Strings

American born Miha Noor and Bengali born Burhaan Rahman are parallel hearts, each set on their own lives while struggling to keep themselves away from falling for each other. But what they don't realize is that they're already too late--tied up in the their own heart strings. "Loving someone means you'd walk through Hell to see them...