Blossoms of the Heart

There's was a love that grew from tiny seed to a blossoming love that would last forever. She was the most beautiful girl he knew. He was the boy that showed her the respect that every girl wants from a boy. Thru hardships in high school and a long separation, they found one another again and knew they never wanted to be apart.

A Kiss of Crimson

Sadie never seems to like the right guy at the right time. All of that seems to change when she meets the handsome and mysterious Byron. Everything seems to be going as perfect as possible, until Sadie discovers that Byron has a dark secret that colors their whole relationship in a far more sinister light.


What happened to Julie,s life once she turned into a famous film star,from a girl who was mistreated by her step aunt.What did she do to become famous.What did she loose and gain,from this fame?

Babylon (working title)

Babylon is a 1740's romance about a larger than life young girl known as Amelia Dare. She has always lived in a place outside London called Evanshire, a place known to curse and corrupt it's residents ever since it was founded. The Dare family has gone unscathed by the so-called curse until a man named Jonathan Charley comes back from...

A Love Stronger Then A Thousand Men

A young girl at the age of twenty five meets a twenty six year old boy. They meet at a party and then started to hang out more and more. She soon learns that she has feelings for him. The boy learns he has feeling for her too. The man is a prince and he doesn't get to choice who he marries. Will they end up together? Keep reading to...

Emerald Beauty

Allyson Roberts is nearing her last year in college with a double major in English and Photography. She has a loving family, great friends, and a hopeful heart; but there's something missing. On a whim, Ally decides to leave her loving hometown behind in hopes of finding that one thing to lift her spirit. Will she find it? Or will her...


Mia Thorne is on a mission for freedom and independence. But it will come at a DANGEROUS price. Mia is married to Caleb Thorne, of the revered Thorne family, an ambitious politician with deadly secrets. After growing tired of years Caleb's unfaithfulness and neglect Mia demands a divorce. When her husband refused, Mia hatches a plan to...


The relentless attention of the press, an age gap that raises many eyebrows and the ghosts of the past are only a few of the challenges Olivia and Henry must overcome when their lives collide. Could they ever be enough?

The Marriage Contract

Mark's father forces his hand into proposing marriage to the one woman, who can make him happy. Sarah has been hurt in the past by men she should've been able to trust. Both are haunted by their pasts. Can they overcome them and find true love with one another or are they doomed from the start?

Never Forget

NOTE: *MY ONGOING STORY IS ALSO PUBLISHED ON WATTPAD.* Jamila Hines is 17 years old . She is an African American slave who lived in Virginia since birth. In the early stage of her life, Jamila's mother passed away on her ninth birthday, leaving her only child to be the slave of the house. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of the young...

Winter's Icy Caress

A serial killer has come to the Apostle Islands, and Clare Thibodeaux is his next target. FBI agent Lee Songetay returns to Bayfield, and is placed in charge of the investigation. He's never gotten over his attraction for the newly engaged Clare. His attentions put a strain on her relationship with fiance, Wyatt Harris. As the...

Billionaire's Wife

She was a Stripper sold by her father to a multi-billionaires son. living with him is hell and she has no way to re pay her now dead fathers debt. a deal is a deal right? she has to face the consequences of not only her past mistakes but her fathers past decisions under the roof a a billionaire husband who does not show any compassion...