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Guys!!I,ve been writing for some months here now....With three diff IDs

My booka are as following.
Clare Watson(With a diff ID)
Clare Watson Continuation..(With a diff ID)
Ordinary No more(diff ID)
ClareWatson part II with my this ID
Famous(diff ID)
U,ll find me easily just read my books and give feedback plz

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Okay ;). I will read one of your books. But also, I’d LOVE it if you read one of my books. I’m having trouble with the book cover, I’m SO sorry about that 😔 but I hope you like my Dear Diary series. I’m writing the second one which will be VERY long to be honest. So will the third one. I’ll tell you what I think about your book. To find my other books, you can search " Alessa ". Good luck 🍀

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