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Hi all,
I've published sci-fi and fantasy on Amazon. Marketing is incredibly frustrating. I want to be writing, not trying to sell myself. Favorite authors: Connie Willis, R.A. MacAvoy, Terry Pratchet are the first to come to mind. Any promo suggestions that don't cost anything would be much appreciated.

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Hi Susan, welcome to the SFF community. Marketing, especially in this era of self publishing seems almost more important than the actual content, that is, getting readers to find you in an ocean of online stories. TBH, I'm not that experienced in the marketing field myself and I struggle with the same issues, preferring storytelling to hard-selling. However, check out some of the articles written by a fellow Tablo-ee, Laura Cordero, in particular, "How to succeed as an Independent Author..." and "How to Market Yourself as an Indie Author..." Hope it helps, cheers Jim

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Hi VG, thanks for asking this, sorry for the delay in response but there's been a fair bit of development going on in the background and the updates have now been released, just today in fact!! You can add your book into the Sci-Fi Community by clicking on 'Submit Book' icon on the front screen of the SFF Community. Hope this assists, regards Jim

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I joined on a whim and a prayer, really. My magnum octopus is part sci-fi, part fantasy, part coming of age, part homily/polemic-or so I think. Putting books in set categories seems unduly prescriptive, in my opinion.

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Hi! I'm new here. Does Tablo host writing contests (sci-fi or just any other genre)? Any answer will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello jim, your mentioned things is very important for us. if you system does not working properly then you have to required this web portal because they are really help to removing your system temporary files and cookies. i am sure your system is running very fast after cleaning your temporary files.

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Hello! This is a pleasant surprise. A nice change from other online publishing sites. I've put up some of the chapter from my first sci-fi novel and I'm curious about how to categorize it. It's not steampunk, cyberpunk, or even really post-apocalyptic or dystopia. I'd love to get your take on where it belongs.

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