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I am a writer in the genre of Sci-fi Erotic Fantasy and it a pleasure to reach out to you all on tablo. I enjoy writing sagas that immerse the reader into the story. I believe the reading experience should be both sensory and visual.

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Hi G.K. welcome to the SFF Community. Sci-Fi Erotic sounds interesting, do you have any fav. authors? Yes, I think a great story should connect with a reader on different levels, I look forward to reading some of your stories.

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Hi there!
I am the Author of a fantasy book called 'To The Red Line', published here in Tablo. As both writer and reader, I enjoy reading Fantasy books. But not just ANY fantasy books. I like reading books filled with adventures, action-adventure and travelling with companions sort of. For example; books written by Andy McDermott and Matthew Reilley. :)

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Hi Farah-Aalia, welcome to SFF. Fantasy and thrillers, that's an exciting fast paced combination. What's your favourite Matthew Reilly story?

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hello! i write mostly high fantasy and one of my favorite series was the inheritance cycle. mostly because of the dragons. i love dragons. i do have a sci-fi fantasy wip that im working on in collaboration with my partners, however!

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Hi nekh, welcome to SFF! I love dragons too and think there's maybe far more to them than meets the eye. At the moment, I'm working on a YA story with a dragon element to it. Good luck with your wip!

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Hi! It's fun to be here with you all. I enjoy writing urban fantasy and I have a book that I wrote during this year's NaNoWriMo. I hoping to be able to refine it into something someone will enjoy reading and looking forward to maybe learning it here!

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Hi Estella, welcome to the SFF Community. What's the location of your urban fantasy story? I think a town or city can almost be a character in its own right. I'm quite the Buffy fan and also enjoyed China Meiville's King Rat, I like how the magical/supernatural hangs just out of sight of the everyday world, who knew! I look forward to reading some of your stories.

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I've written stories for as long as I can remember writing. When it comes to creating things I'm a hot mess all over the arts but writing, specifically short stories, has always been my 'go to' style. I recently started writing some 'fan fiction'. A couple I'm working on involves the 'Firefly' universe and the other from my experience playing online video games such as EVE online. I look forward to discussions about scifi! One of my favorite all time genre!

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Hi Raymond, great to have you as part of SFF. I love Firefly and was bummed out it was canned so early on, still at least there was Serenity from some sense of story closure. Do you have any fav. sci-fi stories that you reckon tick all the black boxes?

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Hello, I like to write a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. I don't have any favourite books or authors, I like a book as long as it's unpredictable. I hope to find many interesting writers on this community.

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Hello! I just started writing my science fiction Turbo Time and enjoy interacting with the reader so they don't feel left out. I'd like some feedback about what is good or bad about it please? :>


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Your story is comical, but some of your sentences just don't sound like they are grammatically correct, and apart from that I liked the characters, the detail and the plot, though the last chapter is repeated twice.

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Hi Zoraika, your story Turbo Time has quite descriptive passages and the plot feels quite fast paced. The two main characters have an anime feel also, I'm thinking about the fight scene now. There are a few typos (e.g. period - peroid). Good luck with the story, I really enjoy time travel and new takes on it :)

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Hello! My name is Nina! I really love writing fantasy and I love reading it. Science fiction is a little harder for me sometimes, but authors like Michael Crichton are amazing. I just really enjoy stories that pull me in and leave me questioning reality at the end :D

It's nice to meet you all!

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Hi Nina, welcome to the SciFi Community. Yeah, I love books that make me wonder about the nature of reality too. Philip K Dick is one of those sci-fi writers that took notions of reality to the edge. To be honest, I haven't read him but I've always enjoyed the movie version of his stories.

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When I worked as a book store manager, I chewed through all the sci-fi and young adult publishings. I love anti-heroism - Joe Abercrombie books in particular.
I write on the edge of Deep Point of View. That makes me a bitter enemy of "said" and all other speech tags. It takes a bit of practice and a thousand edits, but the results can be spectacular.
My name is Vita and I write multiple stories twined into an epic novel: Threads of Fate.

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Hi Vita, welcome to the SFF Community, sounds like you're pretty well read on the SF and YA front. Writing on the edge of Deep POV sounds intriguing, is your novel Threads of Fate an example of that? What attracted you to this narrative technique?

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Threads of Fate is written in Deep POV, but I don't go over board with it. This style provides a much richer tapestry, but can also be emotionally draining for the reader. Let me give you an example from first chapter:

Normal POV
"What do we do?' Azir asked fearfully, sitting down.

Deep POV
Azir stepped back and sat hard on the deck. There is a body. There is a body in the water. There is a body right next to us. "What do we do?"

I can't recall how I came across it, but when I did and googled for hours on end, I could not sleep for two nights. It felt like the missing link to how I always wanted to write.

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Gidday all. I heard Ash and Jemma on Down Load This Show and thought Id give you folks a go. Ive been writing for ever and as a dyslexic it is a therapy fro me and a creative outlet. Ive had a few thngs published, my last short story was over on Stringybark and Ive four poems in the Royal Botanic Gardens - New Shoots Anthology. Ive two novels over at Panterra but I havent heard from them so Igather theyve rejectd them. So they'll come here soon enough I suppose.
Ive had accounts on other writing sites (UK NZ USA etc) and the Wattpad one is still active with a good following which is fun but editing and rewriting my last novel took all my focus so Ive neglected WP. A couple of folks from there tracked down my facebook page and harassed me for more so I started Narcissi on there and have now ported it to here. I'm not good at the whole swap read thing so I dont know how to get reads and follows etc on Tablo.
I'd like to post all my works from WP onto Tb as its Aussie but I'll see if its wortht he time and effort before making that committment.
If you see any speeling grammar or punctuation probs its because I havent. My duyslexia actually blinds me to flipped letteres and certain multiples of things. I just dont recognise them till maybe the 4th edit or so.
My spellchecker keeps learning my foibles so stops highlighting after awhile and I have to reset it, so much for AI ...
If anyone reads my works please leave comments on absolutely anything, it is the only way I can learn. My wife runs Pademelon Press - childrens ediucation texts so I get some editing there occassionally but she doesnt have time to scratch herself these days.
On WP i had a few folks who got really good at seeing my mistakes and having a good laugh about it with me. I'd love if that happened here, too many teens now on WP.

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Hi! I write under the pen name Selkie Neils. I'm currently working on a fantasy series for children and teens titled 'Dragon Star: The Chronicles of Conterra'. I'd really like to get this series published but I'm unsure about using online publishing websites in case I have to pay to use them. The first story is called "The Dragon's Realm". Here's the storyline:

Olivier Valmont and his sister, Aveline, live with their mother and stepfather in Patrie, a small town in southern France. One morning, whilst on their way to school, they stumble across a magic portal. They are transported to the strange world of Conterra where they meet Princess Patala, and her pixie friend, Marni. This wonderful place is under attack from the evil Lord Lorcan who has trapped Conterra's dragons by turning them into ice sculptures. Can Olivier and Aveline free the dragons and save Conterra before it's too late?

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Hi! I'm Becka. I'm just getting started here at Tablo but I've been writing for years.

I generally enjoy all fantasy and science fiction, but I do have a preference for high mana fantasy settings and high tech SF settings over the currently more fashionable "Mundane" ones. I also tend to not kill off characters willy-nilly. So I guess I am like the anti-GRRM.

My current project here on Tablo is "Lawgiver's Blade" which is a bit of an experiment. I recently joined Mastodon (it's a social network a bit like Twitter but with 500 character limit) and have been posting the story there for a couple of weeks at the rate of 4-5 toots/day. My intent is to collate the toots as I complete the chapter, edit them and post them on Tablo. I just posted the first chapter (plus a map) yesterday. I expect to publish a chapter once every fortnight or so.

I am also addicted to Worldbuilding. I can talk about Worldbuilding all day.

Great to meet you all!

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Hey. I like dick - philip k dick that is! I have never read one of his novels but I like the movies that were based on his novels. Ballard is also a fave he Writes very evokative, especially "the drowned world". So yeah, nice to be here.

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I just joined today and so far things are looking good. I write mostly Fantasy with some Sci-fi (low, light or whatever the simple version of sci-fi is :) ). I love Fantasy as a genre because literally the only limit is your imagination.

I love Eddings, Pratchett, Zelazny, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Micheal J. Sullivan, Douglas Adams, Robert Asprin, Mercedes Lackey, McCaffery and so many more lol.

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Hi there. I'm a Western Australian writer. I write Steampunk and Fantasy (Iron Age setting) and soon to release some... Weird Fiction Urban Fantasy type stories.

My favourite sci-fi book is Frank Herbert's Dune. It's the only book I've read seven or eight times. It's brilliant.

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Hello everyone. Just joined Tablo and this looks to be the community for me. I recently decided that I wanted to become an author, so I started writing a fantasy novel. I'm already half way done with my first draft, but I like to take little breaks every once in awhile to read something new. If you have any tips or tricks for me as a writer, please feel free to share!

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Hey guys... Been a contributing member for a few years now, just uploaded my debut novel in full to peruse after a year or so of publication on Amazon and small press.

I'm a huge Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Adam Roberts fan - enjoy writers who build worlds without huge amounts of exposition and allow the intelligence of the reader to fill in what is not said.

Really love John Sladek for his ability to merge the worlds of comedy and SF, and his effortless storytelling and character work.
Joe Haldeman is arguably the greatest true science SF writer alive - Forever War and Mindbridge are particular favourites - but his body of work is pretty flawless all round.

Started to buy China Meville at the suggestion of an old housemate who loves him, so looking forward to diving in there.
And i am currently consuming DARK TOWER by Stephen King voraciously... amazing world building, characters and metatextual leanings.

Would love any feedback on my work, and look forward to talking with you all a lot more!

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Hey everyone...I've been lurking around here on and off for a bit over a year, I think, but I've only recently decided to step up my engagement here. I write primarily science fiction but I also have a few fantasy stories in the hopper, waiting for the right time to be written. I love reading sci-fi as well and if you take a peek at my profile you'll see what writers I enjoy. Asimov's stories have always been a favorite and in more recent years, Orson Scott Card.

I'm currently working several short stories and a few novel-length stories. Some will be posted on here, others may not be. We'll see. If you get around to reading any of my stories, I welcome feedback and constructive criticism. My goal is to be come a better writer and one day to be able to put a book on my bookshelf with my name on it.

Another goal of mine is to try to help others with their writing to the extent I can, whether it be througuh tools, reviews and tutorials or just offering feedback on stories.

I look forward to getting to know other like-minded writers and readers!

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