Good Night Papa

Good Night Papa is a collection of fifteen short stories (including one screenplay) set in Japan and around the world. Each story presents a dilemma, conundrum or mystery which its characters solve by wit or resolve: What does a recovering alcoholic mail pilot do when his plane crashes in the Australian desert with a bottle of gin on...

Strange World 2

The Sequel to Strange World. This Time it's Lacey's Turn under the spotlight as she goes through her busy days working for both the FBI and The Trident. Will she let go of her husband that was murdered by her own boss ? Or is there still hope ?


Maglakbay tayo sa mundo ng pag-ibig, pangarap, kabiguan, kababalaghan, at ng mga immortal na nilalang. Damhin nating muli ang sarap at lungkot na dala ng pag-ibig. Tuklasin ang hiwaga ng buhay. At makisimpatya sa kasawian ng nasirang mga pangarap.


The weird, silly, and sweet adventures of a flirtatious young witch boy with a heart of gold and his loving and loyal canine companion.