The Streetlight

He was a vivid dreamer, but a light sleeper. His dreams were often places of refuge from his normal life. But that damnable streetlight would always deny him a restful sleep. Especially when the old captain was regaling him with stories of wondrous cities. That streetlight perched right in front of his bedroom window. Cover created...

Beach Apples

Beach Apples is a collection of short stories, contemporary, mystery and science fiction, all with an Australian flavour. From a walk on the beach, to fire-fighting in the Adelaide Hills, to a refugee’s story, some stories will put a smile on your face, while others will fire your imagination.


Maglakbay tayo sa mundo ng pag-ibig, pangarap, kabiguan, kababalaghan, at ng mga immortal na nilalang. Damhin nating muli ang sarap at lungkot na dala ng pag-ibig. Tuklasin ang hiwaga ng buhay. At makisimpatya sa kasawian ng nasirang mga pangarap.


Written in second person narrative, Dust is the story of the complexities of relationships, desire and loneliness.


COMPLETE MM Short Story: When the Teludazi attack Captain Evander Starr’s squadron, he is the only survivor. Taken prisoner, he refuses to answer their questions. Nonetheless, he find himself drawn to their leader, Kaname. What secrets lie behind Kaname’s strange lilac eyes? And will Evander soon find it’s not only his body held...