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A Story I'm particularly Proud of

Greetings all who click on this thread! (Or just perused it in the community) I have been posting for two weeks now one of my favourite stories that I wrote on Tablo. It wasn't just my favourite but by and far the favourite of most of my fellow students in my 2nd year creative writing class, too. It's Novella length (So sorta fits in this community) and character driven, it was also the favourite of my mentor and assessor and tutor.

Hamar Noir

After coming back from a dangerous mission which left his friend and partner, the werewolf: Emilia in a coma. Anargrin is sent on another mission: to hunt down a rogue vampire. A rogue vampire with no consistent modus operandi and who is exceedingly good at hiding its tracks. So much so even the veteran Anargrin is forced into desperate speculation.

But worst of all: drive him into desperate measures.

Measures which drives Anargrin to wonder; does the ends, truly justify the means?

Give it a look and if you do, I hope you enjoy it!

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