Don't Leave

Im Elena falls, I just wanted to start over but It seems that the past keeps following me Im going to help you understand what really happen years ago.Make sure you don't believe the magazines or newspapers they tell lies...If you don't believe me find out by starting with chapter 1... I hope you trust me.

The Advisor

Fern is a seemingly normal guy with a normal life. But one day, he is turned to for help. He uses his power to break into minds to help the lives of his classmates. Follow him on a journey of drama and hardships.

Don't Forget

This book is told in the main characters's point of view. It tells that story of a high schoolers who tries to uncover her past though her future and along the way find true friendships, love and shocking answers in her life that leads to the truth. But out of all the questions that were asked in the story, the number one question...

Sky's NOT The Limit

Katrina is Coming Back Home After A Long Time, Because Of A Series Of Bad Events. For Starters Her Boyfriend Broke up with Her 2 years ago. To Make Situations worse, she has to come back home everyday to Her Sister's Hot Boyfriend. Just Great...

Nerdy Natalie

Incomplete a WIP - any advice help appreciated. A Young Adult Fiction. Humourous read about a girl struggling to find her place. Cover from the kind and talented @playboystiles. on wattpad.


After a divisive presidential election, 18-year-old Jericho finds himself the centerpiece in a nation on the brink of civil war.