Winter Deception

Two brutal murders, leave two small boys orphaned. A coincidence? maybe if you believe in coincidences. These two boys have something in common and the summer they finally meet, those around them realize it could cost them there lives. A mistake was made long ago, and some one wants it corrected.


Grace's life sucked. She lived in a trailer park, and her estranged father was the richest man in her hometown. But when he calls for their meeting on her 18 birthday it changes everything. A story about a lost princess, fairies, and a girl adjusting to the new magic of her life. *Warning expletive content in chapter 10*


Five Packs. Five Alpha's. One Ordinary Girl. One Devil. Rhea Is your average nineteen year old. Finished school, wants to move out and wants to find her mate. One night she breaks the packs rules by running into the forrest. She comes across a few Rogues who intend to kill her. But a big black wolf comes to the rescue and saves...

Remember Me

Emma has cancer. Navigate through her life with her family, best friend and her boyfriend. And also navigate through romance, mystery , and drama. Does she will survive? Or will the cancer bring her down?


Read how Stephanie or blaze turner makes a name for herself by ruining her family legacy in this funny, teen drama (inappropriate language)

High School Life

What is it like to be in a Typical High School with a bunch of nerdy friends, who are as nerdy as you are? Well, it's obviously not easy. You have bad boys, bullies, mean girls (bitches) and then your relationships. Tough to keep handle of it all when you are the schools biggest nerd. Join a group of teenage friends in their epic drama...


Adam is a seventeen year old boy nothing unusual about that. Except the world he lives in lost its men, first by accident, and then deliberately. He is the most valuable commodity on the planet, at least his sperm is. So when he is taken from the home he lives in the company that owns him wants him back...,badly, and they will use any...


When Harriet's dog finds a baby abandoned, she immediately takes it in.Starting a chain of events that would change her life. As in order to save a race from extinction she must confront her demons on national television.


This is a story about my sister Diane. It's based on a real story about how she revealed herself about a harsh breakup after she told her family

Shattered Stereotypes

Markus, a pale and introverted sophomore at Northern Valley High School has a rough student life. He struggles with self-confidence and the ability to stand up for himself. However, these feelings and hardships do not stop him from attending the girls varsity fùtbol matches, albeit to watch and admire a single player. Veryn, the...


Do you want to know what I feel? Do you want to know what fills my soul and gets me going through the day? Nothing. That was until my world flipped upside down. What i thought would ruin my life actually saved it. Yep, she saved my life.