Me & You and Him & Her

Katrina, Jack, and Eric have been friends for a long time. In the Summer before Senior Year of High School Amber moves in next door and helps to stir up the drama. This Senior Year their friendship will endure hot romance, bad dates, wild vacations, and whole lot of fun.

Sight and Sound

Jacob O’Brien won the VRD Gaming World Championship today. It’s been his lifetime goal. Enhancing his personal VRD goggles beyond what the best geeks have produced. The googles gave him more than he counted on. A new sight providing him the ability to see “others” beyond the dimensional “veil”. Jacob gains an unlikely partner, Sam,...


Clover is a girl who hides behind her smile. Alex is the guy who brings her real smiles. What happens when these two are put in a cabin together?


A thirteen year old girl named Anna starts to experience thought spirals at the beginning of eighth grade, and is shortly afterwards diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. With the help of a life-changing program, and lots of support from friends, family, teachers, therapists, and doctors, Anna is able to cope with her obsessive...

The Pain

Paine has grown up most of her life in pain, just sudden unnecessary pain that came out of nowhere for no reason. One day, bad strangers find out about this & experiment; if they kill one of their own, much pain would she be in? But the son of that dead monster is not so happy with the result. The young generation of Creepypasta...

The Motorcyle Kid

Emma and Ryder come from two very different worlds. One's the former best quarterback on the West Coast with family issues and college funds gone wrong, and the other's the daughter of a divorced billionaire and an aspiring. baker. These two have almost nothing in common, but mix in a wedding invitation, a letter from a father in...

You And Me

Holly was a normal school girl living with her mum. Will she find true love? Will she ever meet her dad? Will she get through it with the constant bullying from the most stuck up girl in the school or will she get through it with the help of her best friend?

Summer Love Story

Chloe Winters is expecting nothing new this summer. Actually, she's pretty sure everything will go according to her plans: working at the local coffee shop, reading romance novels, and daydreaming about her secret crush on Isaac Alden. And the last thing she expects to happen this summer is the return of Julian Valdez, her number one...

Clare Watson.

Clare is totally in love with Aaron Anderson!!!!!This is her second year at high school.And she is in love already!Oh God help! Will she get Aaron?What is she gonna gain and loose at her second year at American Tigers High school?

A Year Of Rain

Noah Fernandez gave up feelings a long time ago. He is living a simple life, sure of what his future holds. However, Rain Lambert dances in his life and turns the tables of his future, his present and his emotions.

Winter Deception

Two brutal murders, leave two small boys orphaned. A coincidence? maybe if you believe in coincidences. These two boys have something in common and the summer they finally meet, those around them realize it could cost them there lives. A mistake was made long ago, and some one wants it corrected.


Grace's life sucked. She lived in a trailer park, and her estranged father was the richest man in her hometown. But when he calls for their meeting on her 18 birthday it changes everything. A story about a lost princess, fairies, and a girl adjusting to the new magic of her life. *Warning expletive content in chapter 10*


Five Packs. Five Alpha's. One Ordinary Girl. One Devil. Rhea Is your average nineteen year old. Finished school, wants to move out and wants to find her mate. One night she breaks the packs rules by running into the forrest. She comes across a few Rogues who intend to kill her. But a big black wolf comes to the rescue and saves...

Remember Me

Emma has cancer. Navigate through her life with her family, best friend and her boyfriend. And also navigate through romance, mystery , and drama. Does she will survive? Or will the cancer bring her down?