The Operation: Flirt

Meet Paige Zoe Smith. A typical girl of the campus. She has a silent life and an intelligent kid of Barbie and Ken Smith. Yes, Barbie and Ken. What will she do if a nerd like her would flirt with a casanova? Can she still do the job? Or will back out just for the sake of her heart?

The Iridian Dagger

A mysterious letter, a corpse, and as if that wasn't enough James comes home to find his mother missing. When two complete strangers show up claiming to know his deceased father, James suspects that his dad might be the link that ties all of this together. But can he trust the increasingly strange Sam and Maggie? Samuel is a man...

The Wait

Miles Stockholm returns to his childhood home in Kentucky to take care of his mother as she suddenly falls ill. As he feels his world collapse around him, Miller Croft somehow ends up in his life and he can't deny the feelings he has toward her. Miller Croft has no intention to fall in love, but when she meets Miles Stockholm, she...

The Bad Boy's Story

Derek is your ideal bad boy. Loves to street fight and never attends class. One day he gets partnered with the captain of the cheerleading team for a English Project. While working on the project both the bad boy and cheerleader realize their persona’s at school are not the same as their true identity. But what happens when a dark past...

A Force Behind Her Eyes

**A**n ordinary 18 year old girl named Oliviette Forsgren has one day mysteriously obtained special abilities without warning. Unheard of abilities truly out of this world held inside a young girls body leads to many questions for her and those around her. Terrified, frightened, but mostly curious, Oliviette finds herself caught in...

Soul Burn

Holly watched an angel kill her brother. Now, hunting them down one by one, she plans to destroy the one responsible, but her new friend Ande keeps getting in her way. By the time she learns what’s really happening, it’s spiraled out of control. She has to find the real enemy, and the truth, before the world tears itself apart.

Accepted To Kill

Marty is a boy who's been subject to cruelty by his father all his life. His life is in the darkness, and he falls further away from the light when a gang takes him forcing him to be one of them. Full of hate, anger, and despair, Marty must find the light before the darkness engulfs him forever.

Knowing You

Friendship can be hard. Especially when there's that one person that needs to be in the middle of it. Ariel has wanted to be friends with Maria forever. But with Karen in the way trying to ruin the friendship going to stop Ariel from trying?

Project: Deviante

"Don't defy the deviance inside of you." A tale of people who are passionate enough and derived themselves as "deviants" in this world full of competition without working very hard a.k.a "normals". No, it's not another Nerd Against All Odds story, it's about people with PASSION. PS. As this is the journey of inspiring and never...

Lost at the Start

Luna knows when she wakes up something isn't right. Despite not remembering anything from her last day alive, she knows she's supposed to be dead; That she IS dead. Watching the reactions of those she left behind, she gets some answers, but she still doesn't know why she isn't Resting In Peace. She's know there has to be a reason, and...