Nothing ever happens in Piston, SC, where high school senior Mia has spent her whole life. That all changes when a mysterious and beautiful young man and his aunt move into town, and Mia becomes embroiled in a struggle for life and death beyond her wildest imagination. In this new world of danger, magic, and heartbreak, can Mia survive...

If You Fall

Zwei Menschen könnten nicht unterschiedlicher sein: Gebürtige Seattlerin Clara Stone zieht mit ihrem Vater aufgrund des Todes ihrer Mum nach London, wo sie das Apartment direkt neben dem ihrer Cousine bezieht. Still, verliebt in ihre Romane und voller Trauer beginnt sie, den Schulalltag zu leben. Bis sie ihn sieht, denkt sie, ihre...

The Love Bet

April showers yes that is her name is the nerd at her school she has no friends and all she does is read a book under the tree at her school.Jake Bryan is the player at his school he dates then dumps because that is how he rolls.When he made a bet with his friends to get the school nerd to fall in love with him and to make it worse he...

Bad Seed Rising

She's a thief. A ward of the state. And she's got a bad attitude. V is smarter than most, with a penchant for language and pick pocketing. But when one of her marks shows up in apartment offering her a job that uses her skills, how can she say no. Now she's living with an eccentric engineer, a wanted hacker, oh and some guy named...

You Found Me

I was broken, but you fixed me. I was not pretty, but you made me. I was miserable, but you helped me. I was alone, but you came for me. I was messed up, but you understood me. I was unloved, but you loved me. I was lost, but you found me.


Violet and Leo are two tortured souls live their lives day by day, forcing themselves to keep going. They face their own problems and fight their own demons alone, until they realize one day that the best place to find comfort is in someone else who bears an unimaginable amount of pain.

Cool Kids

When Charlie moves to America with horrible bully Rhiannon, her life changes as she has to move school, house and leave all her friends. At America things get worse. Her big sister who sticks up for her against Rhiannon and her gang gets a heat stroke and collapses she goes to hospital and Charlie has to stand on her own two feet.

Through the Dark

Marie Summers was vacationing in Ireland with her family when a photograph of a long dead couple pulled her and museum employee, Connor O’Brien, back in time. Now they are trapped on the ill-fated steamer, Titanic. With time running out and no idea how to return to their own time, Marie and Connor are forced to join forces and find a...

Time Heals All Wounds

Lily has a dark past that she doesn't share with anyone. People have heard rumours about her story but only she knows the truth. She used to be popular, confident and loved by everyone. That was, until her tragedy happened. Now she's built her walls so high that no one can knock them down. Not that anyone's tried. Until Shayne shows...

Will & AJ

Will, playboy/heartthrob, and AJ, druggie/gang member, have been friends almost their entire lives. Until Will dies. A serial killer leaves him a ghost. Will ends up making a deal with Death: in exchange for hunting down the serial killer he gets a little more time on earth. It's only after he does that his life gets more interesting.


Every year on her birthday she wakes up in a new body. She knows there is only one person to blame for her predicament: herself. Will she ever get to return to her own real body, or will she forever be stuck only wishing she could be herself again.

Finding Forever

You don't know what life will bring you just remember... without the lows there would be no highs, and without the highs there would be no lows. I know from experience that Life, Fate and Destiny can be very cruel, especially when they work together. I never considered that there would be any good with my life after what they did, but...