Death (Fate #2)

Two years after the events of Fate, the friends are still in recovery. Grieving lost friends, Alex and Taylor are determined to get to the bottom of things, but a surprise guest complicates things somewhat.


Evelyn Williams just wants to be a lawyer. She doesn't know what "kind" yet - but she will be a lawyer. She has the brains and the grades to do so. The girl made all A's - with the exception of that one B, damn professor Waller for that - The girl is truly talented. She can also juggle between choosing a filter for her Instagram post...


Bullying! Bullying! Bullying! It isn't right! How can we stop it! Let's try showing awareness to what the results are of this!

Souls Apart

Two girls find each other after 16 years of lies. How did something so horrible happen to a baby who was only hours old? Sable and Mercy find out the mysteries behind them with the help of their lifelong friends; Goel, Gabe, and Albi plus a few more along the way. (Based in Australia)

Deep Waters

Gavin and Everly sat together at lunch one day and become very close friends as they found out they have more in common then meets the eye. After a few short months Gavin finally breaks and decides to leave town and never come back. Will Everly go with him or does he have to start over without anyone? Or would she go with him and...

And Now, I Am Stronger.

Life is difficult for Cam, but not in a usual way. He has a secret that he wishes he didn't have to keep: at times he wishes it wasn't true. Being a closeted gay kid in high school isn't fun, especially where sex and dating are regular topics - of which he has very little experience. It is hard to lie: having...

The Sossy Bitch

The Society is composed of five different classes: Class E, Class D, Class C, Class B and Class A. This story centers on the life of a Class A Queen- Lassiel Ejandra. She's as gorgeous as a goddess, a smart young woman, a talented chick, and a sossy bitch. Read and witness how her story unfolds as she embarks on a journey that would...

Punk, Rebel, Ghost

In a world of long forgotten 80’s punk rock and arcade, punk hacker Vera Maddox is your typical rebel without a cause but when she stumbles across a hidden part of Haven, she soon discovers that there are worse things hiding in the dark of the abandoned space station than the ghosts of the past. With monsters lurking around every...

Words Can Kill

You know the saying sticking and stones can break your bones but words wil,l never hurt me.that saying is true they never hurt you they can destroy you.......words can kill....Blake is a country that gets invoked in a bush if different dramas...her life is complete and utter silence....

Remember Me

Emma has cancer. Navigate through her life with her family, best friend and her boyfriend. And also navigate through romance, mystery , and drama. Does she will survive? Or will the cancer bring her down?


One person commits suicide every forty seconds somewhere in the world. The Signwriter told me that. So why am I writing about such a depressing subject? The shrink thought it would help me make some sort of sense out of all that’s happened. I doubt it, but here goes…


Do you want to know what I feel? Do you want to know what fills my soul and gets me going through the day? Nothing. That was until my world flipped upside down. What i thought would ruin my life actually saved it. Yep, she saved my life.