There's something happening in Crimson Peak and Chloe is ready to sort it out.Join in this amazing story of love,hate,mystery,suspense,family,friends and curiosity.Its a must read for anyone who is ready to see something with an open heart and a observant eye and mind.

The Trap

(Chapter 1 only) The woods is usually quite busy at day,until one day you visit the woods and something feels out of place.Little did you know after that visit your life wouldn't be the same


Darcy Hotchner was nineteen and about to start a brand new life in college when she suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Two years later, with her family still pulling on a string of hope and all her friends being scattered around the world after graduation, a cry for help reaches their phones and forces them to head back...

You Don't Know Me

I'm invisible. I'm no one. I'm the shadows you cast on the ground in the summer and the chill you feel in your bones in the winter. I am everyone, I am someone. I'm the strangers you see in the mall, the unknown numbers calling your phone. I am your worst fear, your living nightmare. You don't know me, but I know you. And I'm looking...

Find Me.

A pull of a trigger Blackout. Cara Willis is randomly chosen to find a descendent of the great Jack The Ripper killer. In two days. But Cara isn't the only one.


A story about two twelve year old kids. Two best friends who stumble upon something they shouldn't have. This story follows them and there account on what really happened to them during summer vacation.


What happens when you awake to find yourself Contained. The only way out is to play the game of a sick capture. To figure out the puzzle pieces, to make sure that every one stays alive.

hearts of stone

'Hearts of Stone' is a love story that starts before WWII. It is also a story about terrorism and fanaticism. Not Moslems in the twenty first century but the Christian Irish in the twentieth century. Whether Terrorist or Freedom Fighter, the 'cause' is as old as Ireland itself. Brendan McGonigal exiled from Ireland as a student for his...

More Than This

In 1944 The German Third Army destroyed twelve cottages in the Provençal village of Gordes as a reprisal against the Freedom Fighters of the French Resistance. Many of the cottages are still in ruins. Arthur Cornish, an Australian businessman, is fascinated with their history. He meets the enigmatic Fabienne Parochet, Baroness de...


The City Of Arkswind. The home of ruthless thugs, deranged psychopaths and disingenuous thieves. Amidst the chaos and madness. Connor Blunt, a former chemical engineer and computer architect finds himself between the crosshairs. In this psychological thriller, the former happy-go-lucky scientist will begin his decent into madness, and...

Tight Rope

With all the reality tv shows there are about people having to survive. Only one comes to mind as being reality TV and that is Survivor Man. What if all these other shows put people to the real test? This is a story about one such show and six people that are forced to survive alone with just a few supplies, cameras and sheer nerve.

The taking

When a young girl is taken from her home, the nation is shocked, fingers are pointed but her family is broken, all with one question; who did it? Real life thrilling drama with mystery and romance,


Agent A10 works for ASI "Australian Secret Intelligence" when she's on her mission she meets Bradley Jenson a spy for The American CIA. The two must work together to complete the mission, but something happened they didn't want to

Helix (Episode 1)

A spy hunter. A rogue operative. A secret war that could destroy them both. Olesya is just an ordinary girl from post-Soviet Russia, but that changes when the clandestine Fifth Column discover her rare genetic anomaly. Taken from her home and ensnared in a special training program, Olesya is destined to become a black operative, or die...


My name is Adriana Surva. Born in Romania, I'm the go to assassin for all of Europe. I was employed by the Pathogen agency, who uses unknown technology to execute assassinations worldwide. I am one of the few survivors of their training methods. When I was 18, I went off grid. I gave birth. I got married. My boy, Aiden, just celebrated...