Molly, a long haired, galaxy eyed, nerdy girl who everyone so happens to dislike. With dislikes come to hate, and so forth. After everything goes bad, she leans on self harm for her key, which leads to a 4 year coma from too much blood loss. After she wakes up she doesn't want to kill herself, she wants to kill others. With this...

Helix (Episode 1)

A spy hunter. A rogue operative. A secret war that could destroy them both. Olesya is just an ordinary girl from post-Soviet Russia, but that changes when the clandestine Fifth Column discover her rare genetic anomaly. Taken from her home and ensnared in a special training program, Olesya is destined to become a black operative, or die...

A Deathly Twist

Sally Burlap is a normal teenager who as diagnosed with multiple personalities disorder at age fourteen.Her persona's are weird,but harmless.Until the murders happen,Sally begins to black out more and more,and her murderous personality takes control.Now,Sally has to work to find out which personality is the killer,before she loses...

Almost There

The end of the earth is here, the demons are no longer in hell, they are all here. This is a little short story about the main character tries to put an end to this all, but what happens? I also am doing this for a writing contest.

By Curse Alone

An elderly women is brutally tortured in her rural Pennsylvania farmhouse and then killed. Her estranged children must put aside their own problems with each other and their individual traumas and attend her funeral and the subsequent reading of her will. Suddenly they are thrust into a world of an age-old conspiracy of...


What happens when you awake to find yourself Contained. The only way out is to play the game of a sick capture. To figure out the puzzle pieces, to make sure that every one stays alive.


Kami'y mga turista. Minamasdan ang mga tanawing nakakabighani at takaw-pansin sa aming mga mata. Nililitratuhan namin ang aming mga sarili bilang alaalang dumating kami sa lugar na iyon. Kumakain kami ng kanilang mga putahe at nakikiayon sa kultura nila. Pero, kapag tinawag na kami ng tungkulin, hindi niyo na kami makikita sapagkat...

Entre o Crime e a Lei

Claudia Cazarotto é uma contadora brasileira que decide esquecer o turbulento passado em São Paulo e busca em Nova Iorque uma nova chance de recomeçar sua vida. Depois de dois anos sem um bom emprego, ela é finalmente contratada pela empresa de tecnologia e segurança, Blue Velvet. Mas entrar nessa empresa e lidar com um dos sócios,...

The Drip Teaser

This is a short teaser of a book im working on and i thought yeh ill release a bit see if anyone thinks they would like to read it im new to this so your guys and gals opinions are always welcome and let me know if you guys like this small part i dont know what genre this would be crime murder maybe a bit of mystery i just hope i can...


Story of a man who can't choose between the women that stole his heart. Everything he ever wanted in a woman was in both. He will do everything in his power to not get caught but what if he does? What will happen if his future plans blow up in his face?

The Child Alive

Bel Caldwell is a veteran detective of the NYPD, working violent crimes. While battling problems in his own life, he stumbles upon a chilling crime scene that destroys his notions of good and evil, bringing him deep into the darkness of the human soul — and a grudge that continues to remain, even after the body has been laid to rest.


On the eve of the release of her sophomore album, soon-to-be pop sensation Glory meets a charismatic male pornstar with sinister knowledge of the people handling her direction.

One Death at a Time

Brice Frankel wants to put a stop to school corruption and street violence. He goes after Principal Jason who has abused his power and embezzled monies. And he does his best to destroy Nachine Bautista who is the leader of Inheritance Corporation.