The 13th Ammendment

What will twelve year old Jacob Igbo do after he is sold in an auction as a slave in Alabama? Will he take the pain or try to escape his plantation? Will he meet new slaves? Will he be interrupted by the Civil War? Find out by reading this dialogue story called The 13th Ammendment.

Risen From Ashes

It's World War III. Cities and countries are left in disarray and only one person can help. However, Blackbird is a ghost in the system and has been supposedly dead for six long years. Special-ops Captain Ira Byrne and his team are tasked in rescuing, but Blackbird is more than a walking memory and when thrown into the pits of hell,...

War of One

Roi Rogers has enlisted with her brother, Ron, her father, Rick, and her love, Clarx, in the War of One. It is a war to the death with only three candidates per state surviving. This book is now finished. Stay tuned for the next book: War of Two.

The Heroes of the Ashes: Book 1

"I’m having the dream again. I know it is a dream. Somewhere in the fog of my mind I know it isn’t real, but I can’t stop myself from hugging her one-last-time..." Esther Jones is a young woman caring for orphans and looking for her daughter after becoming separated during a catastrophic incident that has affected the Western...

Canis Bellum

For centuries, war had ravaged the Earth. Two armies, the Keiserlik and the Vojnici, fought in every terrain, a new battle every day. Every person was a soldier, every life was sacrificed for reasons that people no longer understood. The only way to end the war is to destroy one side so completely that there was no chance they'd ever...


Sometimes those spam emails aren't really spam. Sometimes they're pleading requests to help save lives. Julie, a journalist, learns that the world is far more complicated and violent than she could have ever imagined. After receiving a request for her help on a certain situation, Julie packs her bags and leaves for Palestine, a land...

To Kill

Every Year, 16 years across the country are put in tests and then are trained to kill. Aria James is one of the rarest warriors in the Academy. A unique. She is struggling to keep up with her intense training will helplessly falling in love with her trainer, Adrian Black and her friend, Liam Blarke. London Carl is becoming jealous of...

La Secta De Los Perros

Gloria miró al cielo una última vez antes de que el mundo y todo lo que él contenía desapareciese. Devolvió su mirada a Javier y sonrió de nuevo aunque esta vez su mirada estaba teñida de compasión. -Detrás del miedo está la libertad.


this book is all about a young boy growing up on the streets until he finds himself in a situation where he has to go into war