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Writing a quality essay has never been easier! Essays are an important and crucial part of a student’s life, should it be for an event, university admission process or simply a class assignment. If you want your essay to get the highest mark, you need to impress your teacher with the quality and thoughts expressed in your piece.

But sometimes writing an essay may be challenging. One day you can find yourself stuck and not knowing what to start with. Here, where the essay examples come into play. It can be a good idea to peek into someone’s work for inspiration and ideas. Of course, you must not copy-paste, because plagiarism is a serious criminal offense that can get you into real trouble. But getting an essay example is absolutely fine.

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Thanks to the internet, finding information today has become an effortless and fun process. You just have to know where to look. If you are in search of some free essays examples, check then - a reliable and cheap platform that can provide you with help and inspiration for your academic writing.

Here, we’ve completed a guide to help you grab the reader’s attention with your writing.

1. Choose an interesting topic – It’s important to understand that the essential part of any composition is not the main body or the wrap-up or even the opening part. It is the topic itself. What are you going to write about, and where should you start? To select the topic, you must first understand what subject you are dealing with, and how you can get better at it. If you have to write an essay for your Law class, you can cover some major political issues across the world, like you can write about rights of the minorities, countries that still oppose same-sex marriage or laws that oppress women. In course of your research, you will find a lot of interesting content for your essay.

2. Wise and thorough research – Every essay lacks a backbone without a proper research, and what’s better than reading books? Of course, Google is a powerful search engine, but it is not almighty. Some books are just not on the internet, so you will have to go to the library if you want to use something really special in your work. Also, we live in the time of fake news, and you can never be 100% sure that what you read is not a fabricated piece of information or a propaganda article. Quality research is key to any academic paper, so you have to make sure that the websites and blogs you are referring to, are genuine and true.

3. Proper formatting – Grab the attention of your reader with a good title, a catchy introduction, and the informative main body, but don’t forget about how your work looks! For proper formatting, you need to divide the content into categories and then choose which part should go where. Structuring the content will help you put everything in order in a convenient and concise manner. Use lists, bullets, fonts etc., to help your readers navigate through your paper.

4. A constructive and solid conclusion – A lot depends on how you write the conclusion of your essay. If you fail to sum up your ideas properly, even the best topic with a proper research and formatting will sound boring and dull. To make the text sound convincing, powerful and confident, stick with the topic. Revise the ideas expressed in the main body, draw a conclusion - it’s that simple. You can also outline some prospects for the future is the paper deals with any predictions or if it’s appropriate in general. A good roundup is key to a high mark!

5. Check for plagiarism and errors – The final step is proofreading, where you check your writing for one last time for any grammatical or stylistic errors and typos. You can also cross-check your content for plagiarism by running them through any online checking software. A lot of colleges allow only up to 10% of plagiarised content, but you must confirm the percentage before submitting the document. Once the document is submitted – nothing can be changed! So, make sure that you’ve checked everything, and then double-check one more time before pressing the send button.


Hope you’ve found this guide useful, and now you will have no trouble in completing unique and top-quality essays. Remember that whenever you feel stuck or uninspired, you can check for essays examples online and draw ideas from other people’s work.

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