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Kevin Flynn watched as Tron battled the program known as Sark. The ship was nearing closer and closer to the spot where it would be disintegrated. He began to feel that all hope was lost. He then remembered that he had all access to the grid as a user. He configured the ship and the force field that was meant to destroy it was useless. However the battle was still continuing down below. Back and forth, Tron and Sark battled and both of them deflected the discs they threw at each other. Then, with a streak of luck, Tron met his mark at the forehead of Sark critically injuring him. Kevin suddenly had hope that the battle was over. However the battle was far from over.“I always knew your powers were weak sark”, said the MCP, “Here use my own”.Sark was reborn but larger in size from the power of the CPU. Kevin then realized that he had no other choice. He walked over to where the program, Yori, was standing.“I have to do this”, he said. “No you can’t!”, said Yori. “I love you”, said Kevin, and then he kissed her one final time. He looked down at the MCP below contemplating his idea. He then jumped, knowing it was time to do so, and landed inside the MCP. Suddenly the MCP froze and so did Sark. Tron threw one last shot at the frozen MCP, and suddenly everything went back to normal and the grid was saved. Kevin found that the fall was not as painful as he thought it would be. He was wondering in his head where he would end up, when he was transported back to the seat he sat in when he first entered the grid. He then heard the sound of a printer. He turned and grabbed what was printing. He finally had the proof he needed in order to regain control of his company again. A few days later, Flynn, now the head of his company, departed the helicopter he was riding in. His partners, Alan and Lora are walking up to him. “Greetings Programs!”, he says with a smile on his face. Things were beginning to look good in his life.       



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Chapter 1

           It had been 1 year since Kevin Flynn recovered his company back from Ed Dillinger. He was now the Chief  Executive Officer of Encom Technologies and the Tron system itself. However, Kevin was beginning to see that the original grid had to be improved. As he sat in his office, he thought of what the grid could be if it was expanded and safer than before. He played around on his computer, trying to find the code that made the original grid possible. “Come on, I know you’re here somewhere”, said Kevin to himself. He spent several minutes searching for the source code before he could find it. He maximized the window and highlighted the entire code. He copied it, hoping that he could use it to make a better grid than the first. However, something happened that he did not expect: a line of code appeared on the screen he was looking at. It was from an unknown source and it read: 


A new user has joined the system. 


He was shocked, as the “user” who joined was no one he had seen before. He knew it wasn’t Ed Dillinger because his account had been terminated one year earlier. Suddenly another message appeared: 


User has Priority One Access. User has all permissions.


“User has Priority One Access”, Said Flynn to himself. Right then and there he knew who this user was: Ed Dillinger. Then another final message appeared: 


New User is attempting to erase Grid. 

Allow?  (Yes)  (No)


Dillinger was trying to erase the grid. Flynn immediately clicked no but to no avail:  


New User has used Priority One Access. Your account has been disabled. Grid will be terminated in 5 seconds. 


Flynn was angry at what he was seeing. The original grid was being erased. He decided the best would be to quickly grab Tron’s and leave the system. He searched through the program codes. 





He found the important program files. 




He looked through hundreds of files. 




He found the file of Alan Bradley. And he saw Tron’s Code.




He quickly copied the code and then a message appeared on his computer: 


This system has been terminated. All codes have been backed up in a Priority One-User Only file. 


Since he no longer had Priority One access, Flynn could not access the backed up files. However, since Flynn  had retrieved the grid files, only the unimportant files would be backed up. This gave Flynn some comfort, but he was still agitated at the fact that the original grid had been removed. He meant to keep it stored somewhere so that the other programs could still live, but now they are gone. Flynn decided it was finally time to confront Dillinger in person. “Where are you going?”, Asked Lora, who was watching him leave. “Someone has deleted the grid”, said Flynn. “Is it Dillinger”, asked Lora. “I don’t know”, said Flynn, “But they had Priority One access. He grabbed his suitcase, went up the elevator, and boarded his helicopter. While riding, he realized that the color needed to be changed to fit the new style of grid he would design. Finally they arrived at the house of Dillinger. As he entered he realized something was different. Almost as if someone had passed away. He came into the kitchen where Ms. Dillinger was crying. “What’s wrong?”, he asked, “Where is Ed?”. “He’s gone”, said Ms Dillinger through tears. “He broke up?”, asked Flynn concerned. “No”, said Ms. Dillinger, crying, “He’s dead”. This was not what Flynn Expected at all. “I’m sorry”, he said. “It’s all your fault!”, said Ms. Dillinger angrily through tears, 

“You’ve caused him to lose his company and his life!”.“He stole my company!”, said Flynn, losing all of his compassion for her, “And he has deleted my advanced system!”. “Never mind you and your advanced system!”, said Ms. Dillinger, no longer crying, “Now leave this house, and let me and my child relax!”. Child? , wondered Flynn. He was the one who hacked into his system. He walked out, disappointed at the results of this visit. He then realized that the old grid no longer matters. It was time for a digital grid. A digital frontier.


Flynn walked out of the basement and into the arcade. He wouldn't tell anyone about it, not even Alan. He walked to his truck and started the ignition. He drove back to the office He continued work normally, and tried to be as unsuspicious as possible. It was dark by the time Flynn finished work, and everyone had left the office. He sneaked to the Innovative Technologies floor. A security camera was facing the door. He got out a flashlight shined it at the camera. The camera was inactive. The guard manning the cameras noticed, and hit the screen reactivating it. Flynn went through the door, careful not to trip any alarms. He then realized that this was unnecessary, and went towards the breaker box. Seeing as he was the owner, he could access these things. He turned off all of the cameras. He saw a doorway labeled "old technologies" and went towards it. He looked in and saw the laser that transported him into the original grid. He disconnected it and found a small cardboard box. He dumped all of the pieces inside, and walked towards the elevator. But before he got inside, a small advanced computer caught his eye. He looked to see if anyone was watching, and then grabbed the computer and the keyboard. He then stepped into the elevator. He made it to the first floor, and quickly exited the office. He made it out. He opened the trunk of his car, and put the box of parts inside. He closed the trunk, got in his car, and drove back to the arcade. He arrived, and went into the basement. There was enough space to fit the laser. He set it up, making sure everything worked right. The laser was active, but there was nothing to connect it to. Then he remembered the computer he took. He took it out of the cardboard box and put it on a small table he put in the middle of the room. He got the drill and saw, that he put in the room earlier before, and cut a hole big enough to fit the keyboard. He then put the keyboard inside, and drilled it in place. He then got the hanging electrical cords and connected them to the electrical port. He then put the monitor on top and connected to the keyboard. The keyboard and computer monitor both came on at the same time. He was ready to begin work on the new Grid. 

 Flynn stared intently into the computer. He didn't know where to start with building the grid. Then he realized that he would need to start from scratch. However, he couldn't concentrate . It was day time and the arcade was open to the public, so that meant that lots of little kids were running around and playing on the cabinets. He kept persisting however and he built the base of the grid. The only thing there, was a blank landscape built with black and neon colors. But the small computer screen wasn't large enough to continue building with ease. He sat thinking for a moment. Then he realized. He typed a test code into the module: 

(Define EEL(active code laser fire).

He wondered if this code would work. He paused, then pressed enter. Suddenly he was whisked into his world. However, it felt considerably easier than the first time with the MCP. Then, as soon as it started, the journey ended. What he saw before him was nothingness. Just a flat terrain. However, he wouldn't be able to change it own his own. He reached into the grid and created a duplicating mirror. He traced his body shape and soon a figure was created on the other side. He erased the mirror and standing before him was a sight most people would freak out about: he was looking a himself. He spoke to the clone. "You are Clu", he said. "I am Clu", replied the clone. "You will help create the perfect System", said Flynn again. "I will help create the perfect system", replied the clone again. Flynn laughed at how the clone was repeating his words. "Together were gonna change the world, man!", exclaimed Flynn. Flynn then touched the ground. He pulled a virtual computer screen. Clu walked over to the screen and touched it. Suddenly, multiple codes popped up. As Clu played with the screen, Flynn helped and the grid was being created behind them piece by piece. Mountains and cities were being built. Buildings were created. But the grid wasn't complete. Flynn created another screen. He touched hands to the computer and created a type of "program" which would be diverse per each one. Soon, programs were popping up throughout the grid. Flynn also inserted the backup chip from the previous grid. The systematics for the program "Tron" appeared. He pressed  create. Suddenly "Tron" digitalized in front of him. "Hello Flynn", said Tron, "Long time no see!" It had been 4 years since Flynn saw Tron. Flynn felt like could stay in the Grid forever.



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