The Adventures of Indiana Jones (Episode 1 Fan Script)


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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Episode 1: An adventurous Beginning

This episode starts with a moving train.

As the camera pans closer we see a young teenage boy jumping from car to car.

Suddenly he falls into a lion pen.

“Just great!”, he exclaims.


He grabs the whip next to him and flings it at the lion. The attack also hits the boy, putting a cut on his cheek.

The lion backs off and the boy proceeds to the next car.

Suddenly a group of robbers appears behind him.

The boy looks for a hiding spot and sees a purple magic box.

The boy gets inside of the purple box and the robbers come in looking for him.

They look in the purple box, but the boy is gone.

Then they look through the car window and see the boy on the train tracks.

The boy had escaped. He looked back, and then ran off into the sunset.


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15 years later.

The screen turns to black and then the opening intro is played.

We then head to a later time and we see a title card that says: 

15 Years Later

Were now in a later timeline with older Jones.

Jones and another man known as mac are on a government mission.

We see them riding in an airplane to england. The plane takes off, and we see jones going to sleep.

We then see a map and a red line going towards England from the US.

We then see the men getting out of the plane and going towards an embassy building. Two US men greeted them, and took them into a back office.

One of the service members left to get something.

1st US Service Member: We have a mission for you.

Indiana Jones: Well if you brought me all the way out here, then I guess so.

The Service member did not smile.

The other service member returned with two Nazi disguises.

2nd Service Member: You must wear these.

Indy and Mac put on the Nazi disguises.

Service Member 1: Here are your weapons

Indy and Mac both grab their weapons. They were given a lueger each.

Service Member 1: You will need to find a german cipher machine

The service member then tells them that the machine is responsible for generating codes that hide nazi communication.


The two service members lead Indy and Mac outside to a shiny black car.

They get in and drive to an airport. They pay for a blimp flight.

We then see another map and red line going towards Germany from England.

We arrive at a check in location where German soldiers are checking the passengers that get off the plane.

German desk officer: “I.D.”

Indy and Mac show their ID badges that they received from the service officers.

We then switch to an office scene.

A Nazi colonel known as Dietrich is walking over to a communications desk.

Dietrich: What are the results?

Nazi Operator: We have found at least 20 historic artifacts.

Dietrich: Good.

The nazis were looking for historic artifacts of great power by order of the fuhrer, Hitler.

Dietrich: Are there any artifacts than can be pursued now?

Nazi Operator: Only one called the “Ark”. But there’s very little info on it.

Dietrich: Save it for later then.

The screen then switches back to Indy and Mac.

They are at a local info spot asking about the Nazis.

Indiana Jones: Do you know where we could find the nazi communications building?

Info Desk Operator: That is confidential unless you have proper identification.

The man was not giving up that easily.

Indiana Jones: Well, it isn’t confidential to me.

Indy lands a punch at the desk operator, and knocks him out.

Indy then noticed a card on the operator’s desk.

Indy reaches out and grabs the card. It says:

Vertrauliches Mitglied

Um uns zu erreichen, rufen Sie die Nummer auf der Rückseite dieser Karte an.

It translates to Confidential member, to reach us call the number on the back of this card.

Indy flips the card over and reads the number on the back.

He picks up the operator desk phone and calls the number.

Mac: Are you sure about this Jonesy?

Indy: Yes, I am sure about this.

An operator picks up the phone.

Phone Operator: Hello?

Indy: Yes I, uh, have forgotten where the communications building was. Could you help me?

Phone Operator: Ok. The address is Genslerstraße 66.

Indy: Thanks.

Indy hangs up the phone and tells Mac the address.

They get in the info desk operator’s car and drive to Genslerstraße 66.

They arrive at a large building that resembled a medieval castle.

Large Nazi flags hang down the sides and guards stand at the entrance.

A Nazi guard walks up to the car Indy and Mac are in.

Nazi Guard: Identification!

Indy rolls down his window and punches the guard in the face.

He grabs the guard’s badge and they park the car on the side.

Indy and Mac exit the car and they walk through the entrance.

They show the other guards their identification.

They walk in and continue down the hallway.

They are about halfway there, when guards start running out.

Guards: HEY!

Multiple guards appear from different locations

Indy and Mac are overwhelmed.

The guards knock them out, and take them to separate rooms.

We then see Mac waking up in a chair.

A guard walks in with a gun in hand.

Guard: Why are you here?

Mac: That’s none of your business.

Guard: Fine then.

The guard gets ready to fire his weapon, but Mac kicks him the chest and knocks him out.

Mac leaves the room and tries to find Indy.

We then switch to Indy’s point of view.

Indy wakes up in a room but instead of a normal chair, it’s a strapped up chair.

Dietrich walks into the room with a leuger.

Dietrich: Ah, the famous Dr. Jones.

Indy: Oh, So you’ve heard of me?

Dietrich: Oh, yes.But I must ask, why are you here?

Indy: Cause the US government told me.

Dietrich: So you’re a spy? Or are you lying?


Indy: That’s my business.

Dietrich pulls the lueger from behind him.

Dietrich: I’m afraid I will have to dispose of you then.

Dietrich pulls out his gun and prepares to fire the trigger.

Suddenly Mac appears and knocks Dietrich out.

Mac grabs the keys and frees indy.

They leave the room and go towards the communications room.

The communications operator looks back at them and fires his gun.

Indy dodges the bullets and punches the operator in the face.

The operator falls through the back window and a scream is heard as he falls.

Indy disconnects the cipher machine and runs for the door.

Indy and Mac run for the exit.

Suddenly, Dietrich appears with a group of soldiers.

Indy and Mac run out the door, while Dietrich follows close behind.

They run towards the shiny black car and get inside.

Dietrich followed close behind with a car of his own.

They drive down the road swerving back and forth with little regard for pedestrians.

Pedestrians run onto the sidewalk as the cars barell past them.

Indy gets out his whip.

He hooks onto a lever on a tree log truck, causing the logs to fall.

The logs fall backwards into the way of the Nazis.

Indy looks back at the nazis. He hears Dietrich cussing him out.

He then thought about their mission. They had met their goal.

He smiled as they rode off into the distance.

(This script was inspired by Patrick Schoenmaker)


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