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  He lifted a single knuckle and tapped on the door, a sly smile crept upon his face as the droplets of rainwater pitter pattered off his cap. 

"You aren't very welcoming to guests, are you?" He mutters cunningly. He lets out a faint grin, he gently taps on the door once again. He was greeted with pitch silence. His smiles fades, and he clenches his fist into a stone-hard ball.

He deeply exhales, and takes a few brisk steps back, beaming with utter contempt. 

Eric's lip quivers as the door rattles, he cowers in fear as he hears Blunt's menacing growls. 

After three devastating blows, the door was seperated from the wall, all three hinges let loose and clouds of dust puffed out of the frame. 

"Fuck-Fuck-Fuck" he repeated with his hands cupped around his mouth, he hid in the bathtub and hastily drew the curtains.

Blunt's thudding footsteps resonated off all four walls, perspiration dribbled off Eric's temples. 

Then a searing heat shot down his arm, the curtains were drenched in warm blood. Large splotches of red smeared accross the fabric. 

"Found ya" Blunt mutters, Eric lifts his head as an outline of a towering figure stood before him. Eric claws at the air, gasping for pure oxygen. 

"Where's the fuckin' girl?" Blunt spits, forcefully pressing the muzzle of his pistol against the poor bastard's forehead, he cocks the hammer as he glares threateningly at Eric. 


A flicker of blinding light, a deafening split-second reverberating, thunderous crack, with his head simultaneously being reduced to a pulpy, bloody mess. 

Blunt had three precious rounds, each of them were minature homemade bombs, it drills and implants itself onto it's target and detonates, producing an eruption of crimson red. 

Blunt descended down the flight of stairs. He then hears metallic clanging and the clicking of what sounds like a padlock. 

"Have fun down there!" A croaky disembodied voice taunts. 

 Blunt, with outstretched arms feels around and finds a lightswitch, a flickering light bulb illuminated his surroundings. 

He was surrounded by metal racks, coated with layers of dust, housing many strange items.

"Two cartons of chlrorine, bottle of bleach, an empty water bottle, bottles of alcohol. I can improvise" He mutters under his breath, His piercing eyes narrow as he curves his lips into a sinister smirk. 

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