My Love


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My love, I will start my story with a song lyrics, " we were both young when i first saw you and I close my eyes and the flashback starts" these lyrics reminds of us, we were both young when we met, 5th graders, you may not remember those years, but this are the memories that I treasure, the memories when I fell inlove with a girl named Ynna, I was a transferee student and I remeber that I dont have friends and dont even know anyone in that school, and I remember that you are a popular girl in our school, even higher years wants to court you, as time past by, and I'm starting to appriciate beauty you were the  first one who caught my attention, I dont know how, things started to change we were never close to each other ever tho we are in same class, All I know is that you are my first love. We are on our 1st yr in highschool when I started courting you, and on september 6,2009 you said yes I was the happiest kid in our school that day. I know that we were young and our love didn't last that long but we ended in a good condition, and we decides to be friends, but I'm still inlove with you, seeing you dating other guys in our school breaks my heart but in my mind I rather see you smile than cry, that is why I choose not to do anything stupid so I could caught your attention, cause I know that you still worry about me. Ending our highschool journey being friends is hard for me, cause we have been talking about our goals when we go to college. After graduation I never saw you again, and it has been 7 years now. 

I closed my eyes and the flashback starts, damn this words are for real, it has been 7years,  since the last time I saw you, I thought that I have moved on with you but that is all lie, everytime I go into a relationship I wish that the that I'm dating was you, I dont even know why I cant change my feelings for you, I guess that First Love really dont die. Now I'm confessing to the world how much I love you, I promise that soon when I saw you again I will never let go of you anymore and I will not give up on you, My Love. 

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