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 Samantha walked into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, she had no where to go. The water was cold and it soaked her. Samantha was longing for home. She has been looking for her home for 2 months and has no where to go. 

One day, Samantha came across a young boy named, Shane. She thought she knew the boy, but that turned out not to be so. They were total strangers to each other. 

Soon, Samantha got a cat named, FiFi. She cared for, FiFi like it was her mother. Her mother had died 5 years ago because someone named, Jimmy Shelton shot her. Samantha misses her dearly. 

Samantha and her father were not that close to each other, like her and her mother were. Samantha and her mother have a little bond. They were both lost in a store, left behind on a camping trip, and had been bit by a dog. 

Every since the day her mother died, she had been sitting by the fireplace every night and praying that she will not die because of, Jimmy Shelton. Samantha has had nightmares about him. She would not touch a dog again. 

The dog that bit, Samantha was his dog and her and her mother were both bit 3 yeas apart. 

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Father's Story

 " Samantha is a shy, mellow girl, but ever since her mother died, she has been fighting that she will not lose me. Even tho  we are not that close." I said to my wife. I will be introducing her to, Samantha in 4 more hours. Then this will be the end of depression. 

5 hours later, Samantha had not come by. I had filed a police report, not knowing that she was in the Pacific Ocean. It troubled me that the police could not find her. I went to 6 cities in one night, going to all the police stations and said that she was no where to be found. 

I was crying by the time I was getting ready for bed. Tomorrow I will go to, Kansas to look for, Samantha. I had not told my wife, Christiana that she was missing. 

The next day I told, Christiana something" Christiana, this is hard to tell you that my daughter, Samantha is missing. That is why I wasn't back yesterday. I went to 6 different cities and police stations. They could not find her." She broke into tears, but I calmed her. 

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Christiana's Story

 When Samantha's father, Hugo told me what had happened it was heart breaking not knowing if I would ever meet my stepdaughter. By what, Hugo was telling me she had a little bond between her and her mother. 

I work at, Confined Cases a place to file a report to find someone, if the police's serves is not needed. I did some research on, Samantha and I had found her records. Her date of birth, age, and family still alive. 

" Hugo, you have to print photos of her and put them on poles and trees. The process will speed up better if the entire city is looking for her." I said to, Hugo a week later. He was not all that convinced that it would work, but I told him it might not work. It's worth a try. 

Hugo took my advice and printed out photos of, Samantha. We put them all over town. It took 15 days for something to happen. 

"Hello, my name is, Henry Drilo I had seen photos of a young girl in the park. I found her." Said Henry Drilo. We thanked him a lot and took him out for dinner. We were reunited with, Samantha. 

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