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Becoming Stars

It's Week 1 of the Football season they were playing the GoldenBears . Archer Recived the kickoff and ran to their own 49 yard-line. Then the star Quaterback Ben Roethlisbeger and his offense came out. Roethlisbeger took the snap and threw a 9 yard pass to Antonio Brown . The 2nd play LeVoen Bell gained 34 yards on a handoff. The 3rd play of the drive at the Bear 14 yard line. Ben threw a 14 yard Touchdown pass to Martivis Bryant the Rookie from Clemson. With 13:49 in The 1st quater the Golden Bears Recived The Kickoff . Last year The Golden Bears The Defending Champs Were 49-0. Hut Hut at their own 34 Yard line Dalton therw a 8 Yard pass to The Pro Bowl Reciver A.J Green. The 2nd play Was a pass to Shaqua Who caught a 58 Yard Touchdown pass . The score Was tied 7-7 . With 10:12 left in The 1st The Loinhorns Charged out . Roethlisberger Found Heath Miller The Tight End From Virginia . The 2nd play Roethlisberger fumbled The Ball and a loss of 9. So it's 2 and 19 Ben Throws Long Caught!! Antonio Brown 45 Yard Touchdown Pass 14-7!!  Dalton Throws for Sanu and caught for a 69 Yard Touchdown Wide Open!! 14-14!! End of The 1st Quarter. 

Back to The game Start of The 2nd Quarter . Archer Is down at his own 9 Yard line . Ben therw a Screen pass to Reese to former GoldenBear and a Gain of 3. 2 and 7 at The 12. Ben Runs under pressure and Gets a first down Gain of 8. Ben Is Sacked by Brandon Williams and Is Hurt . Ben Was taken to The locker room. He tore his ACL. He should miss The rest of The Season. Vick Did a hand off to Bell and a Gain of 4. Bell Broke His Leg and tore his MCL . It Was a dirty tackle by Reggie Nelson. He should miss Also The rest of The Season. The Loinhorns Kicked a 19 Yard Field goal. The Loinhorns Won 17-7. And 1-0. 

Standing s

1. LoinHorns 1-0 1.000

2. Ores 1-0 1.000 

3. Seahawks 1-0 1.000

4. Dolphins 0-1 0.000

5. GoldenBears 0-1 0.000

6. Sharks 0-1 0.000

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Becoming Stars


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Trouble Winning games

 Week 2 Vs The Ores. Vick took The sanp and Threw a 20 Yard pass to Brown. The 2nd play Vick Was Sacked for a loss of 19. Next He therw a Touchdown pass to Brown 7-0. The Ores Stayed in their toes in The game 7-6. The LoinHorns pulled off a 7-6 victory over The Ores. For The rest of The Season they Won But lost 57-0 Vs The Ores in The Round of 16. 

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