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First Day of school

 Once there was a girl named Julia. Julia was treated different. Julia was just a normal person but she was trearted different for some reason."JULIA, WHERE ARE YOU? ITS YOUR MOTHER.TIME FOR SCHOOL" Julia's mom shouted "MOM, I AM JUST GETING READY FOR SCHOOL" Julia shouted back. Julia was sacred to do a nother year of her  horrible school but Julia was also brave julia took a deep  breath and went down stairs. Julia and Julia's mother Ana hop into the car. " hey look everyone it the werid kid" said the mean kid. " HEY I AM NOT WERID "souted  Julia madly " uhh  actually  you are werid and ugly " says the mean kid ( everyone laughs ). Julia hits the mean kid." JULIA WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING " said Julia's teacher " I...I " Julia tried to say."Ok Julia you will have to miss both  recess and do  extra math  well recess is on " said the teacher "but....but he started it" Julia explained. "No he did not Julia.wait a second why don't you just go HOME" said Julia's teacher.

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At home

"So Julia why did you hit jack?"Julia's mom said "HES NOT JACK I..I call him the mean kid"Said Julia "why do you call him the mean kid?"Julia's mom  questioned "b..b...because he is mean I always tell you EVERYONE IS MEAN IN MY SCHOOLLLLLL" Julia said madly "why did you hit him" said mom "b..because he said I am weird and ugly "Julia said sadly " well it dose not mean you get to hit him 🤦🏻‍♀️" mom said " oh yah mom I am going out to have a hair cut💇🏼" Julia said  " don't die your  Beautiful blonde hair " Julia's mother said "ok bye"said Julia "bye bye"said Julia's mother.

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Hair place/home

"Hello so what  style do you want your hair in today"said the hairdresser."Quick trim plz" ( snip snip snip ) "done "the hairdresser said. When Julia got home Julias mother said "so Julia since everyone is so mean to you why don't you just be home schooled" Julia said "YESS I WOULD LOVE TO BE HOME SCHOOLED"

So that's the end of my story I hope you enjoyed it ps. Sorry the last chapter was so short!

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