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 Welcome to Central High School. We’re just your average group of friends. There are seven of us, Jade, Mattea, Mattea’s boyfriend Owen, Brennan, Jag, Jessica, and Nikki.

Our school is a living hell when it comes to drama. You can’t do one damn thing without it being documented and published on our school website. The website is ran by the most slutty people in the world. Paige and Ashley. We. Hate. Them.

We’ve been on that website SO many time’s we genuinely lost count. Once Mattea and Owen were caught making out, and the entire school found out they were dating. Jessica got wasted once at a party and there was a  53 minute long documentary on it. See my point?

Well this is grade 12, our last year. Soon we will be free to live our fucking lives, instead of wasting our time in Satan’s castle. 

Jade lives in her own apartment, she’s the girl to go to if you want some Tim Hortons during school. 

Jessica on the other hand still lives at home, and is our goody-two shoes. 

Mattea is pretty chill, she’s smart, funny, and pretty. 

Nikki is probably the most laid back of them all, she’s funny, super smart, but not obsessed with Jade when it comes to her leaving school property.

Wanna get into the story now?

Thought so,


DISCLAIMER; please do not be confused on why there are a bunch of empty chapters with names. It’s just they help me out when it comes to writing each chapter. Thank you💫

On with the story💛

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Jade-Chapter 1🌤

 I was hanging out by my locker, while everyone was rushing to class. I saw no point in even going to class. 98% of what you learn is a waste, at least in my opinion. Sure you want to be a doctor, but are those extra history classes really gonna help? My future job would be a musician. That would be amazing! But having my science grades bring me down kinda sucks.

I’m finally walking to class now. There are still a few people running in and out of class. It’s about 7 minutes past the bell. I tumble my way into room B-14, I look around to see Nikki waving me over. Nikki is my best friend, we met in grade 5. We’ve been inseparable since. She has long blonde hair with greeny brown eyes. She’s pretty short to most people, but not to me. She’s almost my height actually. 

I sat down next to her. “Hey Jade! Where’ve you been?” She said confused. “I was at my locker waiting until class actually started” I said with a little force. Nikki has always been sensitive, so you have to be gentle with what you say to her. “Sorry” I said. “It’s just... the teacher always comes 5 minutes late, so why don’t I come as the lesson starts?” I said. “Fair point I guess” Nikki said with a smile.

As the teacher walked into the room, I saw that she looked...miserable. I could already tell this class was about to be a living hell. “Take out your homework from last class” she said. That’s when I noticed I left my homework at my fucking house. God damnit Jade why do you always do this? 

I opened my notebook and flipped to a random page with previous homework. I erased the numbers along the questions and re-wrote the three homework questions. I quickly put my eraser back in my bag. I saw that Mrs. Rogers was just approaching  Nikki and I’s table. She looked down at my page. My heart was skyrocketing out of my chest. I’ve never been so nervous in my entire life. She then, walked to Nikki’s work. HOLY SHIT I JUST DID THAT. I was screaming in my mind, I just couldn’t believe it!

Class was pretty much uneventful after that. At break I decided to go to Tim Hortons. If you don’t know what Tim Hortons is it’s basically a Canadian Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s amazing!

I got to my locker quickly unlocked it. I grabbed my bag and closed the door. I ran as fast as I could without being seen. Your not allowed to leave school property unless your parents sign you out. I know, stupid right? I got off school grounds and headed to Tims. 

I got inside and ordered my basic iced coffee while caramel flavouring. I also bought two mocha iced capps for Nikki and Mattea. I looked out the window as my credit card was processing. I couldn’t believe who I saw. It was my vice principal! The cashier gave me my drinks. I quickly walked behind the racks of food so I couldn’t be seen. I got out and instead of running, I decided to walk around the block. 

I got to school just in time as the lunch bell just rang. I found Nikki and Mattea talking in the hall. The were most likely exchanging gossip they heard  about. I’m not really into that stuff. So I walked up to them and handed them their drinks. “Jade why do you even skip, do you know how much trouble you could get into?” Mattea said. “Well for starters, I don’t care. Plus guess who I saw there.” I broke into a laugh. “Who?” Nikki said with her confused face. “Mrs. D!” I said grinning. “Are you fucking serious?” Mattea said sternly. “You could’ve gotten suspended!” “That’s the least of my worries Mattea. If anything that’s just an advantage. I can just stay at my apartment all day.” I said. “Yea, but what about your parents?” Nikki sighed. “What about them? They wouldn’t care, they never do.” I said awkwardly. “Well okay than, wanna get to the lunch room?” Mattea said promptly. “Of course!” Nikki said as she ran down the hall to the lunch room.

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Nikki- Chapter 2🌤

 As I was running into the lunch room, everyone awkwardly looked at me. All I could do was shed a quick smile, and oddly walk myself to a table. I saw Jade and Mattea slide through the doors. They looked around for a moment, probably to find me. They gazed over in my direction. They started walking towards me.

Once they sat down Mattea asked “What was that about?” I said “I just really wanted those chicken fingers from the cafeteria!” Jade laughed. Jade had lovely fawn hair. I’d say it goes down to her waist. She’s pretty small for her age, she had perfect eyeliner, with her lashes in perfect place. She doesn’t wear fake lashes though. Her’s are actually really long. They can almost touch her eyebrows. Jade had straight white teeth that were perfect for her smile. 

Next thing I know is that Mattea’s boyfriend Owen was here. He sat down beside her. I never really shipped them. Sure they’re cute together but they ALWAYS fight. One time the four of us were at our friend Jessica’s birthday party, and they were fighting the entire time! Jade eventually kicked them both out of the party to prevent ruining it.

Jade and I are the only single ones in our friend group. Jessica has a boyfriend named Jag. They go together really well, but still. No relationship I see really looks like they both love each other. I’ve only really liked one person, his name is Nick. He’s just...perfect. But we never really talk. I’m also like 90% sure he likes Jade. And if I’m being honest, I think they would go together perfectly. 

Jade is just slightly taller than me, but she’s more...grown up looking. I’m just a twig, I have absolutely no curves. While Jade is also a twig, but she has curves. She has an amazing body, but is still very conscious about it. 

I saw Nick walk in with Landon. Landon is your basic bad boy...do I even need to explain? Well for starters he looks like a fucking God! He has a perfect six pack, around 6’5, 6’6 not sure really. Only relationships he’s had are basically hookups. Other than one girl named Hannah, but they broke up clearly. Landon really only socializes with boys, not that he’s sexist it’s just all the girls physically DROOL over him.

They looked at our table, and looked at each other and nodded. I didn’t think this will end out well. Nick sat down beside Owen who is sitting next to me, while Landon decided to sit next to Jade. I looked over at Landon and Jade and completely disregarded the ship I made for her and Nick. Landon and Jade were actually PERFECT. 

They all had  actual flowing conversations. I couldn’t believe my eyes honestly. While Jade was talking to Owen, Landon looked at Jade up and down and actually blushed. It was so god damn adorable. I have never seen him blush in my life! And I’ve been going to the same school since kindergarten. Jade looked at Landon and flashed a quick smile. Ah the ship!!! 

As the bell rang for us to go back to class, Jade and Landon got up and walked to class together. I had class with Jessica next, so I couldn't follow them anymore.

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Landon- Chapter 3⛅️

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Jade- Chapter 4🌥

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Mattea- Chapter 5☁️

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Jag- Chapter 6🌦

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Jade- Chapter 7🌧

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Landon- Chapter 8⛈

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Nikki- Chapter 9🌩

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Paige & Ashley- Chapter 10❄️

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Mattea- Chapter

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