Zen Air Cooler - Is it best for home?


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Best Portable Cooler For Home

Whether your office is hot, or you simply need your room to stay a little more cool during the warmer months: the Zen Cooler has perfected the art of space cooling design! With multiple...

The Zen Cooler is a portable and powerful personal Air Conditioner that is perfect for the summer heat. Simply fill it with water and turn it on. Powered by a USB cable, Zen Cooler is one of the most powerful portable Air Conditioning units in it’s class, blowing cold air anytime and anywhere you need.

Our team of engineers designed the Zen Cooler with power and efficiency in mind. We all know how annoying a hot and sticky summer day can be, especially when your electricity costs are sky-rocketing. So we set about coming up with a powerful, portable and personal Air Conditioning system to keep you.

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