Main Star: Imperium Gold for Minix


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Nti Otep is my name,

I am a powerful wisdom dragon

blazing in an indigo flame.


My great wings

soar over astral planes,

gliding on cosmic winds of stellar ether.


Seekers of sagas

even serpentine nagas

learn of the tale I tell.


I speak of pleasure worlds,

and seven mystic realms.


In these lands of legend are sparkling springs

pure and clean like wishing wells.


On star journeys I travel there,

breathing cosmic energies

like falcons breathe in air.


I can fly in eight directions

teleporting to anywhere.


My mystic eyes gaze inwardly

beyond the second sight.


The dragon magic I wield

deals a deadly blow,

in a fight where might makes right.


In the age of the Griffon

planet Minix of myth

became rich from thirty six pleasure dome planets.


Their treasure troves would hold

only Imperium Gold

and noble money lords

soon heard news of their profits.


I am Nti Otep,

a watcher and dragon chronicler of this epic.


Like the Moon over the ocean

my abode is the sky.


Money traders

call me the Fortune Hunter’s Guide.


For my powers make waves

rise high then fall low

in an ebb and flow as eternal as the tides.


Now listen well,

to the tale I tell,

following along on this mighty quest.


And may strong ale be poured

in taverns where…

Main Star lore is spoken of best.

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~Premium Talk Boss~

    Kweku Dan thought the rectangular plate of food looked so sumptuous. It was finely presented in an artistic and gourmet style, steaming dark red with heat. The fresh sizzling beef had just recently been cooked. Barbecued ribs flavored and seasoned, covered in spicy meat sauce, and finger licking white bones were only a portion of his meal. Amber stuffing with what appeared to be very exceptionally long and slender white rice was garnished on the side of the plate.

Kweku Dan reached for the crystal goblet, drinking purple nectar with strong gulps. His charcoal black skin color glistened in the blue, light-filled room lavishly laid out with an assortment of tables and chairs seated to near capacity.

Female exotic dancers were gyrating on small stages at various corners of the room. All of them had colorful, exotic-looking tattoos adorning their bodies. They interpreted the music being played with strong, sensual grace and erotic body expressions. Some had sky blue hair, some silver blended with strips of black. And others had pink mixed with blonde hairstyles.

A waitress approached Kweku Dan at his table and asked, “Shall I bring you more purple berry nectar? It’s the perfect drink for your rib dinner.” Her voice was friendly and energetic.

“Yes, more will be fine.” Kweku Dan responded in between chewing a portion of generously sauced and seasoned barbecued rib.

In a few minutes the waitress reappeared carrying a uniquely designed bottle in her hands. This medium sized, twisting glass sculpture looked expensive and eye catching. Inside the abstract glass bottle, purple berry nectar flowed, to the delight of Kweku Dan, who enjoyed it so much. The pretty waitress happily poured its liquid contents into Kweku Dan’s crystal goblet colored in dark hues by the blue light.

“And pour it to the brim for the journey ahead is meandering!”

The waitress quickly responded to Kweku Dan’s request and poured the purple nectar until it reached the brim of his crystal goblet.

At the center of Kweku Dan’s table was a device that resembled a crystal ball resting upon a golden stand, a standard communication device found at the center of every table in this lounge. Suddenly, the crystal ball began to pulsate with rhythm and light, and a holographic image appeared with a message.

“Kweku Dan, how much Imperium Gold can you transport in that fancy starship of yours?” the message began. “You’re one of the few traders I know of that always follows through on what they say…”

The projected image of a fat brown skinned man, finely dressed in silken embroidered attire, hovered over the table. His hairstyle had large loose curls tapered with a smooth fade on the sides.

“I can move eight Magnus Class cargo hulls,” Kweku Dan replied, speaking directly to the image. “What are the risks involved in transporting such massive and precious cargo… and where is it going to?”

He instantly recognized the hologram as the precious metals broker Oslo Luton. This man had access to gold, platinum, silver, and electrum in very large quantities. Kweku Dan knew the opportunity to profit was as mouthwatering as the meal, yet he always remained cautious when making a major deal.

“Rest assured the communication channel I am using is safe-guarded and secure, to prevent thieves from eavesdropping,” Oslo said, anticipating Kweku’s concerns. “I am open to offer you 35% percent commission of the total price of cargo… upon being paid by my client, of course.” He raised his hands and slid his fingers together in a comfortable position.

“Is this client of yours a reputable one? Who is this client you speak of?”

“A pleasure world’s Real Estate Boss by the name of Freznus Kalo. He is located on the fourth world in the Ghen Tiri D’or star system.”

“I’ll do it for 8% upfront, with the remainder certified by your brokerage to my account, plus 10,000 points issued by the Imperium.” Kweku Dan looked shrewdly at the projected image of Oslo Luton.

“The cargo is insured and I am open to give you the upfront capital along with the 10,000 points issued by the Imperium as part of the deal.” Oslo Luton replied and smiled as he understood that a good deal had been made with a person known for his excellent follow through.

After cleaning his hands off with the nearby damp handkerchief laid to the side of his plate, Kweku Dan pulled out a small flat crystal device from his pocket that was used to relay information. To be on the safe side, he selected one of the data protection colored glyphs on his crystal device. After one tap from his finger it activated and encrypted his account information keenly sent over to Oslo Luton, which made the transaction complete.

The Imperium Gold is being held a few hours travel from your present location. I will send over the proper coordinates for you to have, and will be in contact with you periodically.” Oslo Luton’s image hovered and rose upwards towards the ceiling.

“Agreed, I’ll be on my way shortly, once I receive confirmation from the location you send over,” Kweku Dan said with confidence.

“Kweku Dan, I’ll be sending over the location specifics in thirty or so minutes, and I have just received notification of your account code that you sent to me. No worries here, the necessary transaction will be a smooth process. Talk to you soon.”

Oslo’s image faded, then vanished, and the crystal ball imaging device returned back to its former polished clear glass appearance.

Kweku Dan finished his meal, paid and tipped his pretty waitress well. Feeling satisfied after a brief stroll through the lounge, he emerged out of its glowing exit door. Insignias for this Star-City gleamed on the colorfully tiled floor of the curved corridor hallway. While he walked, he noticed the entire wall was designed to be one continuous window panel shaped in perfect harmony with the curvature of the hallway itself. Outside of the window was a striking scene of over one million stars overlaid by the haze of an orange and green nebula cloud. Over the years, such cosmic beauty had become very familiar to him due to his many star travels.

This Star-City was a Super Gigantic Space Station and in many ways far more luxurious than just another affordable place to rest and have repairs done to a spaceship. It had all of the comforts of a grand hotel, gentlemen’s nightclub, and casino wrapped into one well-thought out design. As the glass elevator arrived, Kweku Dan entered it fully leather clad, with a laser beam gun slung on his side holster to match.

“Space-Port Level One”, Kweku Dan said aloud and the glass elevator gracefully went to the appropriate level with a smooth and steady speed.

The glass doors opened and he walked towards the attendant then paid for the parking space where his starship was located. By the time he neared the ship, it already had anticipated his approaching motion. Upon identifying him, it activated and the belly of the ship’s central under region lowered.Unfolding in a controlled motion, a medium sized flight of stairs appeared that ascended into one of the starship’s main compartments.

Climbing the series of stairs and now aboard the ship, the central stairway segment lifted upwards, closing in a folding motion, and strongly sealed tightly shut. As in the series of steps one would see in a length of cloth being folded into one rectangular shape layered onto itself. The jet black surface skin of the entire starship was as smooth as a polished stone. No cracks were anywhere to be found as the starship powered up preparing for interstellar flight mode.

“Hello Kweku Dan, we are all powered up and ready for flight. Electro-gravitics systems are fully charged. By the way, how was your stay at Star-City?”

A female computer voice came from the glowing perspective of the ship’s control panels. Kweku Dan sat comfortably in his fine black leather seat that was modeled in the style and manner of a High Lord.

“Alseatrix, I enjoyed a much needed break and the options in Star-City never fail to loosen me up.”

“That’s good Sir, I’m glad you had a great time there.”

“Yes, thanks! Alseatrix, we will be picking up some very precious cargo…” The starship’s crystalline being and living computer shimmered in a variety of colors upon hearing his words.

“Yes Sir, recently we have received a communique from Luton Special Metals Brokerage.”

“Put it on the Main View Screen, Alseatrix. And go to standby mode for the anti-gravity system.”

The screen showed the emblem of Luton Special Metals Brokerage and the face of Oslo Luton was depicted in the center of the Main View Screen.

“Here are all of the details that you will need for the location of the precious metal cargo and full profile of Freznus Kalo in the Ghen Tiri D’or star system,” Oslo’s image said, his face smiling. “The Cargo Holding Facility nearest you will need this access key code from my communique in order for you to take temporary ownership of the Imperium Gold.” Oslo’s image paused for a few moments as the visual display re-organized itself into neatly labeled columns to be reviewed.

“Alseatrix, relay the location of the Cargo Holding Facility to the ship’s navigation system, and create a flight path to this destination.”

“Yes,” Alseatrix said, and quickly completed the formula presenting the best flight path to The Cargo Holding Facility, and also included the fourth world located in The Ghen Tiri D’or Star system. All of this was being shown on the visual star chart image shown from the main screen display.

In his pilot and captain’s seat, surrounded by the spacious interior design of a very sleek starship, Kweku Dan put on a device that was designed to relay clear thought commands directly to the crystalline being and computer. The interface device looked like a thin headband molded to the contours of the forehead while resting comfortably upon the sides of his face. The framework of this device was lightweight, yet deceptively durable as well. All along both sides of his jawline continuing to his chin was a single strip from this platinum and white gold colored metal alloy. When worn, this extension of the thought device looked like a finely groomed, thin beard, though mysteriously made of metal.

“Activate anti-gravity field.”

Kweku Dan simply evoked a thought and the ship instantaneously responded to the command from his seated position, as always eager to enter the stellar starscape, ready and alert with all the proper safety measures in place.

Bright light surrounded his starship in a visible energy field that looked just like a perfectly round royal blue bubble sphere. The ship’s mass number changed in large increments until it shifted into micro-units of measure. Just as a bubble of soap floats, the very sleek black starship silently lifted off from the Star-City’s hanger and docking floor. The silent, vertical lift-off process transitioned to a gentle forward motion, until the starcraft cleared the exit way opening that glowed in a patterned series of colors in the distance.

Travelling among the myriad of stars in the galaxy, his spaceship began to accelerate and quickly reached an incredible velocity in a matter of a few passing seconds.


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~Ninja Temple Magic~

Meanwhile: An important meeting was taking place on the planet Sol A’vor

On the High Mountains of the planet Sol A’vor, home world to one of the largest Ninja Orders known to maintain the Doctrine of Heaven Amongst Stars, an important council meeting was in session. The Grand Hall was where very important meetings, such as the one taking place, were normally held. The interior design space was such a marvelous feat of architectural design. It balanced the harmony of very high ceilings with smooth angular walls, all embedded with turquoise and lapis lazuli. Within these walls, the sounds of deep bass gongs and drums resounded. At times groups of priests chanted sacred words in their ancestral tongue. All of this gave every heavenly ninja the feeling of being ever so near the summit of Heaven. This powerful sound filled the mind and enlivened their senses with emotions of an eternal legacy ordained by God.

Endless rows of heavenly ninjas could be seen sitting cross legged, in full lotus position, upon circular discs which levitated high above the ground. Each shinobi sat honorably upon their own magic disc with the secret writings from a sacred ancient scroll etched into its circular rim. The ninja priests and gong players delighted in this and thought to themselves, ‘O what a mysterious sight to see’.

At the center of the Grand Hall was a floating platform with seven levels of flooring stacked upon itself in a gradual ascending stepped slope. Sitting nearest the top stage was a single row of Advanced Grand Masters. In an exalted position on the highest platform sat their leader who held the title, High Wizard and Grandmaster of the Heavenly Ninja Order. The Grand Hall fell silent, and shortly thereafter he began to speak wearing the fabulous full regalia which befitted such a powerful leader. His coal black skin, long wispy eyebrows and braided goatee gave him the aura of being a fountain and source of divine wisdom.

“Beloved brothers and sisters of the Heavenly Ninja Order,” he began, “first I would like to thank you for attending this very important meeting, for all of you have met this great responsibility with sophistication and are present.May armies of angels prevent the forces of evil from making this meeting our last.”

“I, Tran Ming Mava, High Wizard and Grandmaster of the Heavenly Ninja Order have an important announcement to make that requires a resilient spirit and good heart. May you heavenly ninjas receive it well!”

His voice echoed throughout the Grand Hall.

“It has come to my attention that a very powerful high level boss from the lower Shadow Realm has arisen and declares Unholy Dominion in this region of our galaxy. His main objective is to take over the entire star system of Ghen Tiri D’or by converting its Main Star into a Shadow Energy source. By attempting to do this, he will have the advantage of directly feeding upon Ghen Tiri D’or by housing himself within the core of the star. And from there rule over the nearby stars and their worlds as a Deity onto Demons!”

He paused, then continued.

“Ghen Tiri D’or is one of many special stars in our religion that always shines with a most ever-potent intensity in the Astral Spectrum. Because of this, the natural life, cultures and civilizations found on the worlds in this star system will be forever corrupted if captured by the tentacles of this Boss. Should this great evil succeed in converting Ghen Tiri D’or into a Shadow Star all of the seven planets in their star system will become fallen worlds onto Heaven!” Tran Ming Mava psychically directed his attention onto one of the other seated Advanced Grandmasters.

“Grandmaster Aton Zidrulu, please speak. Explain to our heavenly ninjas why it is so important for them to understand the spiritual concept, which clothes the soul, and is the essence of our stance against this Great Evil threat.”

The third Grandmaster in the row of eight Grandmasters on the floating platform began to speak. His voice was clear and uplifting.

“Every heavenly ninja here knows the art of waging spiritual war. Moreover, you all have sworn under oath to destroy demons and vanquish evil. This time, our enemy has been classified as being superior in using cosmic strategies. One of his goals is to rule over the fourth planet, in the Ghen Tiri D’or star system known to us as Minix. The cultures there highly value the art of sensual pleasures expressed by the intimate union between the male and female body. Sex and pleasure for pleasure’s sake, for example, is considered as important to their world as the pursuit of technology, education, health, defense and economy.”

“Because of their elevated regard for sex, the people of Minix can be considered as the Master Architects for Pleasure Worlds specially selected in this region of the galaxy. Far off planets with breath-taking landscapes and ideal environments make important destinations for their many real estate and construction ventures.”

“Their strategic decision making in regards to the building of Pleasure Worlds maintains an equally important role in the Zodiac of Heavenly Worlds and Stars for us.”

As Aton Zidrulu spoke, a gigantic image of a map of the stars appeared, which was the Zodiac representing their Star Religion, held near and dear to all heavenly ninjas in attendance.

“Ghen Tiri D’or, as you know, is located and corresponds exactly to where the heart center is in the Zodiacal Star Chart Diagram for the Griffon. It is very important that the soul of the Griffon never becomes corrupted by the evil toxins, and unholy spirits of the Lower Shadow Realm. It is absolutely unacceptable for this to happen, for if it does, it will usher the beginning of a cosmic age where extreme hatred, total perversion, and the many evils employed by hordes of killer demons reign supreme.”

Aton Zidrulu has finished speaking and utter silence permeates the entire Grand Hall.

“Grandmaster Tassini Lush Stonerose, please address the Assembly,” The Great Wizard and Grandmaster Ninja Leader, Tran Ming Mava said. A fifth Grandmaster in the row before him began to speak. Grandmaster Tassini Lush Stonerose was a female ninja who had long earned the admiration of her ninja brethren.

“Great Hall filled with the spirit of star dragons of old! Brothers and sisters, of Heaven’s Ninja Way, I salute all in attendance! On this day, I say to you based upon our calculations, the cosmic age just described will last for 28,000 years. And it plays a vital role in a demonic ritual. Requiring blood sacrifice to be made an everyday reality through an endless series of interstellar wars—where the soul of stars and the destiny of their worlds is the ultimate prize!”

The silence after her finished statements was also felt by the ninjas throughout the great temple hall. Their leader Tran Ming Mava looked scanned the assembly then continued.

“My beloved heavenly ninjas, our mission is a great one! Though the enemy is superior in strategy we are to confront this evil Boss and strike him down without negotiation or compromise. Revelation has shown me his true form, and he is an extremely hideous creature. Long tentacles, a large long head adorned with linear columns of minor eyes; horrifyingly terrible pincers tusks, along with rows of jagged teeth. Though gargantuan in stature, once inside the inner core of Ghen Tiri D’or, he will be able to easily project himself to any planet he chooses, passing as a most handsome citizen on the worlds he inevitably sends to meet their doom!”

The Great Wizard lifted his hands high above his head with both palms facing each other. From this position, a beautiful geometric shape appeared made entirely of twirling rainbow light. It filled the grand hall in fantastic colors.

“Beloved heavenly ninjas, this is a Spiritual Transmission from Heaven’s World. Accept this divine blessing; may it empower you all to be victorious in war! Accept this divine blessing, for it shall protect your soul always, making you victorious in stellar combat! Heaven’s Spirit Rays reach out to you, receive this sparkling effervescence!!!!” Tran Ming Mava said with great strength, making the entire Grand Hall of Heavenly Ninjas indelibly unified in spirit and conviction—a mighty sight to see!

The sound of gongs with their deep, sweet bass tones, accompanied by the melody of flutes, permeated the air and echoed off the turquoise and lapis lazuli walls. Suddenly in unison, all of the heavenly ninjas on their magically levitating discs raised their arms straight above their heads, and clapped their hands three times. By the time the sound of the third clap was no more to be heard, all of the ninjas along with their magic discs vanished into thin air. The Grand Hall was entirely empty, as if such a large number of men and women were never there to begin with! Snowflakes falling on a winter’s day would praise them all for showing such deep understanding of the mysteries of life. If only snowflakes could speak.

Sol A’vor, home world of the mystical Heavenly Ninja Order, had officially declared war upon the demon Boss Oni Bel’z Dedgiron. The skies near the many military fortresses on their world were filled with a multitude of light energy spheres from the shielding systems of flying attack spacecraft. Like a forest in bloom, this dazzling display of color was symbolic of the strong sense of discipline and ever readiness that the shinobi cultures here are most proud of.

In a fortress, a delegation of high ranking ninja generals was seated around a polished table which curved in splendid design form. A few generals could be seen standing side by side as they calmly gazed through the long arrangement of glass windows sloped at a forward angle in the war room.

“Our first armada of star cruisers, along with their fleet of point-to-point attack spacecraft, has sent us a message, saying the glory of heaven will be the eternal song on the lips of the people of Minix!” General Owusu Meribodo said to his colleagues standing side by side the large rectangular window. An approaching star cruiser with point-to-point attack spacecraft flying in triangular formation was passing over the fortress. The flying vessel showed an impressive display of flight control from the perspective of the generals’ window view.

“Our spider spy probe has brought back vital information on the demon Boss Oni Bel’z Dedgiron. His full profile is ready for display on the Central Screen.” General Yegsu Kagen said aloud in a reptilian melodic vocal tone. The generals by the window were seated, and the windows automatically changed color to a dark chocolate brown tint. The main screen showed a cloud-filled, atmospheric realm with gigantic floating boulders that, though flat on top, were rough and jagged midway down to their bottom points. The passing clouds flickered with electrical activity and flared with muted colored tones from time to time. The angle of the image shifted, and in the distance, a graphic frame appeared around a seemingly benign speck of what at first seemed to be passing space debris. The powerful camera array from the spider spy probe enlarged the image of the unknown speck within its graphic icon that surrounded it. Once the image has been rendered to a factor of 1000, every general in the room felt an icy cold shiver race through their surface of their jet black skin. There was a definite sense of finality for what they all see as clear as day to the finest detail. The true image of the demon Boss Oni Bel’z Dedgiron was hideous to all present on that day.

Just as their Leader, Tran Ming Mava described at the meeting in the Grand Hall earlier, this demon Boss was grotesque from the enormous mandible pincers, menacing tentacles, all the way down to his penetrating columns of minor eyes. Based upon the spy probe’s sensors, Oni Bel’z Dedgiron was 1/3rd the size of the second moon of the planet Minix…a shocking fact yet undeniably true!

“Let Oni Bel’z Dedgiron know and understand, that we are a people who will never live in fear or believe our fate is sealed due to the great stature of a vile enemy!” General Owusu Meribodo said with the characteristic serpent melodic accent of the people of Sol A’vor.

“Well said, that is exactly the point, and it is imperative that every Lord on every star fortress be shown this data imagery from our spider spy probe.” General Yegsu Kagen said with an equally thick and heavy slow reptilian melodic vocal tone.


All the generals in attendance were united as one and made their unanimous decision to make this visual information known to their entire heavenly ninja structure immediately.

Throughout the day, the generals deeply focused on the discussion of ninja strategies used in the past to win spiritual wars against demons. Courageously they further refined their master plan of attack until no flaw could be found. The main objectives of Sol A’vor were to protect the cultures found on the living worlds of the Ghen Tiri D’or star system. And in special regards to planet Minix, ensure that they continued to maintain their many pleasure worlds throughout this sector of the galaxy. Taking a proactive stance, the general decided it was time to strike the first blow. In doing so they believed it was the best choice to prevent the Main Star, Ghen Tiri D’or, from becoming the abode of Oni Bel’z Dedgiron.

While the generals of Sol A’vor continued to discuss the fine details of their war strategy, many heavenly ninjas at various flight centers were already running swiftly to starships, some holding helmets in their hands at the same time.

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~No Risk, No Reward~

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