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Download Alexa App for Setup Echo Plus

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Echo plus is an Amazon smart speaker product and it is necessary to set it up with Amazon Alexa App to use it. Alexa is available on Play store and App store for both Android and iOS users. If you don’t know how to set up Amazon Alexa with Echo plus, you can read this blog to know about it. Also, you can call on Amazon Alexa Customer Support   get into more details about Alexa and Echo Plus.


To download Alexa App follow these steps:

·         Open Play store or App store depending on your OS.

·         Enter Alexa in the search field then click on OK.

·         After that select Amazon Alexa and click on Install.

·         Then accept the License Agreement and Continue.


Set up Alexa and Echo plus:

The setup process is quite simple just make sure you have downloaded the Alexa app on your mobile phone. If you don’t have Alexa app installed on your mobile phone. Go through the above given steps and you will be able to install Alexa on your mobile phone.


Let’s look at the steps to set up the Alexa with Echo Plus:

·         Plug in the Echo Plus with the power supply and wait for 5 minutes.

·         Then press the power button on the Echo Plus device.

·         After then lift your mobile phone and launch the Alexa app.

·         After that click on My Devices. And you will see the list of all Amazon Echo devices. Because you are using an Echo plus tap on Echo Plus.

·         Then press the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth button on Echo Plus and turn on the Hotspot/Bluetooth of your mobile phone.

·         After turning on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth of Echo Plus wait for 5 seconds and when the Echo plus says ready or the ring on Echo plus glows orange connect the Echo Plus Wi-Fi with your mobile phone’s Network.

·         When the Alexa will connect properly with Echo Plus the orange ring will turn blue and it will greet you very nicely.


These were the proper setup, how you can set up Alexa with Echo plus. If the above written method wasn’t satisfactory for your contact with Echo Device  Support team. You will get the assistance of techies on this number and they will inform you with every single detail.


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