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Gossip Gal

                                                (Read Vertically)

"Your a chicken! Come on girls let get this in the mags! Hehe!" Hannah was a gossip gal and she was a bully by profession. She bullied to make magazine's front cover. She's the "Gosip Gals"top girl but her school doesn't accept her "job". 

Magazine's Front Cover:

Kate Moffat taken down by Hannah Carter and her "Crew!"

"OMG! Gals, huddle...NOW!"

"What's up Hannah?"

"We made front cover on "Gossip Gals!"

"OMG congrats gals!"

"Come on gals, we need to rub it in Kate Moffats face!"

"Yeah!" All the girls said.

But when they went to see Kate Moffat, they froze. They saw how pretty she looked and now regret bullying her in the first place.

"Hey Hannah! I see you made front page on "Gossip Gals!"

"Erm uh, yeah. I'm sorry about bulling you about your looks."

"It's ok, but next time, think before you speak because sometimes the tables can instantly turn on you.

                                                 The End

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The Chest

 Carlos was in his grandfathers attic when he came across a chest, earlier on he found a key. So he tried the key and it worked. He opened the chest to find some old antiques inside and a map. He went down stairs to ask his grandfather what the map was for. His grandfather said he had to find out himself! So Carlos went off through the woods to find what he thought would be treasure. On his way he found a dog, so he named it Xeo because he was on his way to X marks the spot. He also found a horse, luckily he had found a saddle already in the woodland walk so far. He saddled up the horse and Xeo ran beside the horse. The had be ridding for ages and then they came to a stop. There was a big wall with guards all around, they asked them if they could pass but they asked for ID. Of course they had no ID so they just showed the guards the map that Carlos found in the chest. The guards took one glance at it and opened the gates and let them through. On the other side was a river with a castle over the other side. The galloped across the bridge to find a pirate standing eating a football, and then the football turned into a burger. They passed the pacullular pirate to see a beautiful princess standing on a chair. Carlos thought she was scared of the spider that was on the floor next to her. Then a massive beast came in and went to kill Carlos. Then Carlos woke up in his grandfathers attic with the map in his hand...

                                                  The End

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 Mario was play music on his T.V. He had it up so loud that he couldn't here his grandma say to turn it down. Rumour has it that if you you have you volume up at 100 on your t.v then a demon will suck you into the t.v and you will never get out until someone turns the volume up or down to 98. He had it at 100 and the hous started to shake, his grandma didn't realise at the time, nor did she care............

Mario was sucked into the T.V!

He was stuck in there for 3years until his older brother played music and put the volume to 98 because he knew about the demon stuff and he knew his brother liked loud music. He jumped out the t.v screen and ran to his brother and gave him the biggest hug ever! The family had never been closer after that.

                                                  The End

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Part 2 Comming Soon

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