Our July in the Rain

Kal Diederich has everything, A good job that pays well, friends that he can count on and a life he worked hard for. But he gets a punch from reality when his best friend Ava went missing after they partied the night before. He and the Zombae Squad has no idea on how they got home safely and they didn't know where to find Ava! As they...

Mistaken Secret Agent

SHE* She had grown cold emotionally during her years in the field and she hardly seemed to know the difference between right and wrong anymore. She simply followed orders and carried them out whether it involved burning down a village or safely transporting a diplomat across state lines. Deep down, there was a part of her that hoped...

Lost Loveletters

These are the things that I want to tell you that I cannot say anymore. These are the dreams, hopes and beliefs that I wanted to share with you. These are the things that I want to pick fights with you and the ideas I want you to listen to. And most of all, this is the love I'm supposed to be giving you.


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To Ethan

This book contains a collection of messages sent back and forth by suicidal Ethan and lonely Aubrey who meet on Twitter one day, only to realize that they've already met in the mental clinic two years ago. A dangerous situation, failures, misunderstandings, hardships, awkward moments, accidents, silent conversations, disappointment,...