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They were each other's best friend during their childhood... But it was only when they had to be apart that he realised he had fallen in love with her. He was twelve by then.

Years later, both of them have changed. He has become a philandering CEO. She has become a beautiful home tutor with a dream of being a dancer.

Maybe they would never see each other again if she didn't get in that car crash. Maybe he could never change for the better if he didn't feel the need to take care of her. Maybe none of this would happen if it wasn't up to fate.    

Digging themselves into a hole of friends and family problems, will he be strong enough to find out the reason why, to overcome the pain and the fear of losing her again? Will he be able to change himself for her ? And will they get through everything, even fate, to fall back into each other the Second Time?...

"How can a person who doesn't know anything about love fall in love with a person who doesn't even believe that it ever exists?"

Copyright © All rights reserved to Gracie, 2015.

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