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 I belong to no one

I belong to everything 

Like the moon at night that watches me toss & turn

Like the stars at night that follow the look in my eyes

They both know what I am dying to tell you

As I keep all my secrets hidden underneath my tongue 

I reveal them when I kiss you

Do you know what it takes to keep the truth away from you?

To write it in poetry that I will never give you?

To deny the softness my heart feels for you?

I have to think clearly 

I have to think for the world

I have to forget about me

The desire that burns within me

The unspoken words screaming inside me

I have to pretend that this weight is nothing 

I look forward, this weight is nothing 

But I have been waiting for you..

To come with me..

To get lost in me..

I belong to no one 

I belong to everything 

I belong with you

I be longed by you

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