The Moon Huntress


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The Rescue

"Who are you!?" The unknown man's voice splattered out of his mouth. His scent was reeked with the fear for me. My only response was a wicked smile that made his back shivered as he became more terrified.

His eye followed my hands as I moved them to my quiver. I already had a tight, but lose grip on my bow. I pulled an arrow which smelt like wolfsbane. He scooted closer to the wall behind him.

I raised my bow with full intention of ripping his so called soul of the face of the Earth. I placed the arrow in with ease, and started to pull back making the bow string stretch. 

He started to beg me. I ignore his please like I ignored his question. I gave him a smile since it was the last thing he will ever see. 

The arrow ripped through the air like a perfect paper air plane I have yet to make. He only grunted as the sharp arrow contacted his chest. The wolfsbane went into his blood system making the chemicals spread inside his body. I can hear his whine as the burning sensation started to give him pain. At first it was weak, but as time went on it become for painful.

Blood from the wound didn't clog like it should have. I watch as the man started to yelp and scream from the unbearable pain. He fell from his knees onto the ground dead with a poudle of blood underneath him getting bigger by the second.

I take out a small knife, and carved the letter 'H'. I stood back up from my kneeling position. I moved my mask slightly to rub the bottom of my eye. I turn around to see the small little girl I just saved.

The small silver hair girl stood there shaking in fear. Her bones were barley visible, and multiple scars were shown. She kneeled down onto the floor, and started crying.

I wasn't to type of person who was soft. I growled at her for crying, and regretted it instantly. 

She wasn't just a random kid I saved left or right. I was part of her family. I was her late aunt that my brother and my sister believed to be dead. 

I watch her as she watched me. I stared at her knowing she had no idea who I was. My wolf whined softly. It hurt to know I wasn't known by my own family. After everything that happened to me. It was my family I couldn't fix. 

I fixed a group of rogues and made them hunters. I fixed mate problems they had with each other. I fixed small kids who had their childhood snatched away from them.

I spoked for the first time I stepped in here. My voice exactly pleasent, but trusting.

"Are you coming or what?"

I walked past her, and she looked between me and her old master. She choosed the best option, and I heard her footsteps echoed through the halls that is smeared in blood.

She tumbled next to me as she slipped on a crack. Using my fast reflexes, I caught her before she hit the ground. I snarled not wanting to get soft in a dangerous place.

She shivered, but I ignored it. She whimpered as I started walking. I removed my hand around her wrist.

No wolves I meet challenges me as I walled down to my car. My Alpha scent was released, and my wolf liked around in control of everything.

I was slightly disappointed that I didn't she him here. I figured I'll get the kid out before I go on to kill the man that ruin both of our lives.

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The petit girl hurried into my red truck. Clearly happy to get out of that torture cell. She become calmer when I growled at some men that wanted to grab her. I slammed the passenger's door close. Making sure to freak out the other wolves.

I walked around the back to get a wet rag. I wiped some blood off my face, and clean the rag off. I, then, walked to the girl in my car. I started to rub the new and old blood off of my arms as I came closer.

She smiled at me when I opened the door. She was wrapped around my little sister's blanket. I was lucky enough to grab it before I escape on that deadly night.

I stared at her. Weak tears threatened my eyes. She looked exactly like my sister expect for her eyes. She didn't get our purple eyes. She had light blue ones that stopped me from having a panic attack. 

I tossed the rag to her not wanting to see my sister covered in her blood anymore. I closed the door once again, and walked around the front of the car to get into the driver' seat.

I pulled forwards and aroud the circle shaped drive way. She road was bumby once I came off of it, bit I ignored it. 

I picked up the cell phone that I manage to pay off. I dailed Spiky Red's number.

"Hello," I imaged that she was lying in bed as she talked through the phone. Her red hair wich is similar to mine is all messy. She finished her mission before I left, and must have extremely tired. 

"Hey Red," I started to talk through. I looked to the mirror, and say my niece listening intensely. I only smile temember I the days when my sister and I would snuck around the house to gain information to escape. 

"I'm on my way back. I know you are tired, but Lon wouldn't be back before me and I need someone to prepare a room in the house for a female pup." I hear her yawn. 

"Ok..." I hanged up the phone after saying my thanks. I could tell she was debating to to do what I told her to do or stay in the warm blankets that may not accept her when she returns.

I stopped my truck at a stop station. I had a change of clothes for the girl. She needed some medical attention. Her wolf was weak, and couldn't heal it herself.

I hoped at of the car looking around at all the humans. I took a deep breath, and knew I had to careful on how I do this.

I opened the door closest to her. She was still wrapped tightly around the blanket. I scooped her up like her mother and father must have done millions of times. I grabbed the bag of clothes and other things. I pushed through a group of ladies in like.

"Sorry. She had an accident..." I lied, but they believed it. I was happy at how well she wiped the blood from her arms, face, and nody.

I closed the door, and locked it. I opened the area where you changed your babies' diapers. I set there, and she stared to wake up. She watched me as I went through my bag. I pulled out some leggings and a large sleeve shirt that would cover everything.

She put the clothes on herself, and I heard a knock on the stale door. 

"Do you need any help?" I knew it was a older lady who must have change millions of diapers.

"No, but thank you." I stared in a overly friendly tone. I wasn't the one to ask for or receive help. I liked doing things by myself.

I lifted up the girl's shirt and started to wrap it. I wrapped her arms and legs by the time I was done a new group of people were there.

I carried her like she was a child of mine. I quickly washed her and my hands, and we left quickly.

I sat her in her seat, and made my way to mine. She looked at me while I started the car.

Her voice was quite. "Who are you?" 

I pulled out of the parking spot, and continued to my house. I waited a couple minutes before answering.

"Howler. Call me Howler."

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Home Sweat Home

 I pulled my truck back through a rocky road. At least this time it was familiar in a good way. I stopped once I reached the house. The small girl falling asleep again. As I was getting her out, another car was heard in the distance. I recognized the small blue car coming towards us on our private property. It was Lion. 

She hoped out of her car quickly. She gaved me a smile clearly still working on her project. I smiled back, and carried the small girl to the house. 

Spiky Red was playing with her two year old that had to go to day cares all the time. She wasn't her biological mother, but she did act like it. 

Spiky Red told me that the room was ready by mine. I pushed opened the door after walking through a bloodless hallway.

She didn't stir when I set her down. She just held a tight grin to my shirt. I untangled her fingers from me.

I walked quietly out. I flicked my shoes to the landing and sat on the couch. I tore my masked off. 

I took a deep breath. 

"She looks like your sister." Red was of course smiling. She knew why I haven't came onto their territory since that raining day. I have never came close to them since them.

It was the last time I cried. My heart felt shattered when I heard her sais seven words to an unknown female.

"You are the sister I never had." Her voice held proudness. My brother muttered an agreement. I haven't seen them in person since than. They haven't seen me since they escaped the house that that girl came from.

"Yeah... it's a curse and a blessing..." I chuckled remembering my Aunt saying that being a werewolf was the same thing.

Red started to kiss all over Johathan's face. He giggled at his mother. She looked up to me as she picked him up. 

Johnathan mumbles a something indicating that he was hungry. Red left the couch and went in the kitchen to find some food for the little guy.

Lion plopped down on the couch after. She threw her mask onto the counter and her legs moved to my lap. I pushed them off only to have her put them back up. I moved them again and moved my body, so I was I too of her. This only resulted in us fighting for the whole couch.

Red didn't seemed to mind the rough housing until we broke a lamp. She came in the living room with her red hair flowing behind her, and her nose flired. 

We quickly went to the back yard which was just a forest. Loin in a tank top walked towards the edge. I followed staring at the mark in her shoulder. 

She smiled realized that I was looking at it.

"I still can't believe you lived through that." She laughed before answering.

"What I did, anybody could have done. Now what you did is a different story." Lion also knows my back story that haunts my dreams once in a while. 

"Lion, I don't think wolves survive when they lose their mate. If they do their depressed. You are thriving in life."

She laughed softly. Talking about her late mate still gutted he, but she was use to it. Red and I were the only ones that could talk to her about it.

Lion amazed me. She lost her mate. He died in her arms. She almost died, but she pulled through. With that, she still wore her mark with pride. She wasn't afraid to show the werewolf community she had a mate, and she was proud of who he was.

"I was so scared when I meet him." She started. Trying to get her thoughts together and fill the silence. "I though he wouldn't accept me because I was a rogue."

I put my hand on her mark. "I wished I would have gotten a chance to meet him." She let out a laughed.

"He would have treated you like his daughter..." 

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The Dead and the Living

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