Cries From The Inside


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Lost cause

 I am the failed experiment in class 

I am the side effect of man kind 

I am the fumbled pass 

I am the sickest mind 

I am the lost cause 

I am the forgotten soul 

I am the horror movie with no pause 

When you dig yourself down, I am the hole 

I am the torn glove 

I am the ripped jeans 

I am broken love 

I am what rain means 

I am the storm with no end 

I am the hopeless night 

I am the will that won't bend 

I am the fall with no end in sight 

I am the sure wind 

 I am the light at the end of the cave 

I am the victim who is pinned 

Then it's clear I am a train not a light and I am in the way 

Stars can fall and love can shine 

But my heart will never be okay 

Suffering is true lay mine 

And it will always be that way 

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