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Forget the 100 strokes a day. Puri Hair A generation or two ago, women taught their daughters to brush their hair 100 strokes daily. But professionals have come to realize that lengthy brushing may loosen hair strands and pull out excess hair. A dozen strokes or so ought to be enough for most heads of hair, but consult with your Hair Care stylist if you have questions or feel your hair needs more attention.  Saw palmetto has shown promising results in helping to treat hair loss naturally. 


Saw palmetto has been shown to have an impact on enlarged prostates in clinical trials. An enlarged prostate is thought to increase the exact same hormones that are related to loss of hair. Puri Hair You may choose to use a medical treatment containing the FDA approved ingredient minoxidil. These products are available over the counter without a prescription. There are many on the market, but one that comes highly recommended is Provillus. 


This product comes formulated for both men and women. It will stimulate your hair follicles and promote healthy Hair Growth. Along with the product comes a great multivitamin containing the best nutrients for your hair.  It could generally be in the areas of crown as well as in the forehead primarily. Thinning of hair all of a sudden without any valid reason is something that has to  Puri Hair be brought under the notice of the physician immediately. 


It might be an indicator or symptom to show that the body is not functioning normally as it should be. The reasons might be severe ailments at times. One of the important reasons for receding hair lines is the lack of nutrition to hair and the improper maintenance of hair. Puri Hair  Please visit my blog for hair recipes I've used when transitioning and tips on good ways to utilize manufactured products and spotting the good ones! I will also be documenting my hair journey as I am currently experimenting with protective styles.  


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