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You know what? I'm gonna get over you. You're so amazing but I can't wait because I don't think you're ever going to feel the same way i do about you. I care, i care a lot about you but we're just friends and as much as that hurts now it won't matter in a few days. Or weeks maybe. Point is there are a lot of people out there and Robert Pattison is one of them. I'm glad we're friends tho cause you might think I'm exaggerating but you're the best friend I've ever had. You might disagree but that's how i feel. You're very straight forward and that's a good thing... sometimes. You just say it like it is which is good. But at times it really annoys me because I never forget those tiny details that you probably forgot about five seconds later. Sometimes when i look at you and then i have to look away quickly before you catch me or before i start staring while my mind decides to remind me why I can't have you. I can't kiss you. I can't hug you for as long as I want to or wherever i want to because people will jump to conclusions. That hurt. Unfortunately you say a lot of things that hurt me but that you don't mean to hurt me. The thing is they do, sometimes even physically. But no matter you like her maybe you love her. I can see why. She's a beautiful person, she's a great friend, she's funny and smart. What more could you want? She's just beautiful and I couldn't compare. 

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