Her Wicked Ways

Born to Evangelical parents, Moira is completely in the dark about the true history of her family, and of her own latent powers, suppressed by a centuries old protective curse laid by a great-great-grandmother to protect the bloodline of witches who had the power to reshape reality from the Witch Hunters, a group of powerful demons who...

Everyone Remembers Africa

Marla is a Memory Keeper, specially trained to access every memory that her ancestors passed to her through her DNA. She's part of the second-generation of the Remembrance, an event that mysteriously unlocked genetic memories in a large number of the population, radically shifting humanities view of the past, and the future. Trained...

Violet Eyes

For one thousand years, the worlds of science and magic have been separated. In both worlds, the tales of a world where the two worked together have become myth. But soon, the veil will lift. And only one girl can see what is to come.

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