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Chapter One

 There's a reason I don't have friends. That reason being the fact that I've had friends before, but they've only stabbed me in the back, front, side, head. Basically everywhere. 

I'm more than happy being alone. I don't get lonely, or sad. I'd rather not have any friends. Friends means drama, and drama means friendless. And that's me. That's what happened to me.

But let's not get into that just yet.

"Kristina are you here?" 

"It's Kris!" I groaned at the substitute teacher

"Well, Kris, are you here?" She asked

"Of course I am." I rolled my eyes and put my headphones in to block out the stupid shit people say. Usually when we have substitutes, the teacher doesn't give us anything to do. She thinks if it's a break for her, it's a break for us. 

Before I could get into my music, someone tapped on my shoulder. I took a headphone out and saw a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes smiling at me, I never noticed him before in the class.

"What are you listening to?" He questioned

"None of your business." I rolled my eyes and put my headphone back in. After one song played, I felt someone staring at me. So I looked beside me. The boy with blonde hair was now sitting beside me smiling while staring at me.

I took out a headphone and furrowed my eyebrows.

"What do you want?" I asked him

"You're cute." He complimented me and I scoffed

"I wanna be friends." He told me

"I'm Luke." He smiled at me

"Fuck off." I told him. He was taken aback from my choice of words. 

"Do you not want to be friends?" He asked me

"I don't want friends." I glared at him

"Aw, why not?" He asked me

"Leave me alone." I put my headphone in again to block him out. 

He stopped trying to talk to me after that, and after class I went to lunch. Where I sat alone at my table. But I wasn't alone for long.

That Luke kid and three others were staring at me for a while, until they all walked over to my table where they all sat down. That's when I stood up and tried to walk away, but the boy with almost white hair brought me back to the chair.

The one with brown hair said something, but I couldn't hear him because I had my headphones in. I took one out.

"What?" I questioned

"I said you're our friend now, like it or not." He told me

"No." I shook my head

"Cmon, we see you all the time since year 10 sitting here alone, you obviously have no friends." The tan one with black hair told me

"Okay," I laughed, gesturing to him,"that was offensive, and I do have friends." I lied

"Oh really? Where?" Luke asked me

I looked away from the table and grabbed onto a bitches arm.

"Right here, this is my friend Jessica." I told them

"Kris, what are you talking about? We stopped talking in--" I stopped her from talking.

"Let go of me." I told the dude with white hair, and he obeyed

"Kristina, seriously, we haven't talked in almost two years." Jessica told me

"Well, we're talking again." I told her

"Really?" She smiled, I got up from the table and grabbed my bag.

"Nope, you're still a backstabbing bitch." I smiled at her before walking out of the cafeteria. 

After lunch was over, it was time to leave school, thankfully. I walked out of the school, only to find it was raining like crazy. And I had to walk home.

Life just isn't going great for me, is it? 

Just a minute after I got out, I was soaked from head to toe. And just to make everything better, a car rode past and into a puddle, and water splashed me. But then that car stopped.

They honked their horn and rolled down their window so that I could see it was Jessica.

"Try Me bitch, and next time it won't be water!" She yelled at me before driving off again. 

That bitch will be the death of me. But so will this puddle, because another car splashed through it. I groaned in frustration, as this car stopped too. 

This better not be one of Jessica's minions. 

"I'm so sorry!" The brunette from the lunch table yelled at me, but then he realized it was me.

"Do you need a ride?" He asked me

"No, I'm fine." I rolled my eyes as I continued to walk.

"Cmon, Kristina, get in the car." The tan one said from the passenger seat

"Leave me the hell alone!" I yelled at them, not focusing on where I was walking, and I slipped on the wet concrete and twisted my ankle. 

I fell on my ass and clenched my eyes shut from the pain that shot up my leg. 

"Oh my god, are you okay?" The brunette asked me as I heard a car door shut. I was far too worried about my, probably broken, ankle to even think about the fact that someone just got out of his car. 

"Can you walk?" I heard Luke's voice

"I don't fucking know!" I yelled at him before trying to get up, but it only resulted in me falling yet again and twisting my ankle more.

"Well if it wasn't broken before it sure is now." Luke muttered 

"I'm going to pick you up, don't punch me." Luke told me, then I felt his arms pick me up, I felt the urge to punch him in his manly parts, but I knew it wasn't a good time for that since he was helping me.

I was put in the brunettes car next to the guy with white hair. I looked down at my ankle as more pain shot up my leg and I hissed in pain. 

"Don't look at it and it won't hurt as much." The boy with white hair told me

"Well thanks, doctor, I already knew that!" I yelled at him 

"Damn, don't get sensitive." He mumbled

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you want me to be happy? I just broke my fucking ankle! Who the hell would be happy?!" I yelled at him

"Damn, Mike, she really hates you." The tan one said

"I hate all of you." I glared at all of them. 

"Then why are you in the car with us?" The tan one asked

"Because this fucking asshole put me here." I pointed at Luke 

"Well excuse me for trying to help you." Luke rolled his eyes

"I don't need help. I don't need friends. I don't need anything except for all of you to leave me the hell alone." I told them 

"Right after you bring me to the hospital." I added quickly after 

"Anything else don't you need, princess?" Mike asked 

"A broken ankle."

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Chapter Two

 "Well, on the bright side it's not that broken." The doctor told me

"But it's still broken." I rolled my eyes

"Yeah. Sorry about that. Do I need to cal your parents to come pick you up?" He asked me

"No, we can take her home." The brunette, whose name that I learned is Ashton, said

"Call my mom." I ignored Ashton

"Don't call her mom, her mom is at work." Luke said

I glared at Luke and Ashton. But in the end they ended up taking me home. 

"You're gonna slip again if you go alone." Ashton told me

"No I won't." I mumbled and opened the door, grabbing my crutches that the doctor gave me, then getting out of the car.

I slowly made my way to my front door, and when I finally got to it, I carefully opened the door and walked in. 

"Where have you been?" I heard my mom ask, I heard her voice in the kitchen, and also smelled her famous cooking. I made my way to where the kitchen is and she gasped when she saw me.

"What happened?" She asked me

"It was raining, I fell, twice, and broke my ankle." I told her

"Who brought you to the hospital?" She asked me

"Four guys." I shrugged and snatched one of her cookies and plopped it in my mouth. 

"Go sit down, dinner will be ready in ten minutes." She sighed

"Where's dad and Ollie?" I asked

"Your father is working late, and Ollie decided he wanted to go over to one of his friends houses for the night." She told me

"I wish they would've told me that before I cooked, there's going to be way more food that I counted for." She sighed 

"Now go sit! Put your leg up." She rushed me out of her kitchen, and I sat down on the couch, putting my leg on the couch too. But then someone knocked on the door. 

My mom didn't hear it, and I dropped the crutches on the floor, far away from where I could reach, so I had to hop to the door. 

When I opened it, I saw Ashton, Luke, Mike, and the tan boy standing at the door

"What are you doing here?" I asked them

"You forgot your bag in the car. Why aren't you on your crutches?" Luke asked me

"It takes four people to bring a bag?" I asked as I snatched it from Ashton's hands. 

"Where's your crutches?" Luke asked me again

"On the floor." I pointed to the floor 

"Kris? Who are you talking to?" I heard my mom ask from the kitchen

"No one!" I yelled back

But that didn't stop her from looking. 

"Oh, are you the four that brought her to the hospital?" She asked

"Yes, ma'am." The tan boy said

"Come in, come in." She smiled and I rolled my eyes 

They all followed in after another, and Luke grabbed me to bring me to the couch because I was so incapable of doing it myself. 

My moms eyes lit up, I recognized that look. She had an idea.

"Mom, please don't--"

"Would you four like to stay for dinner? Kris's father won't be here tonight, and we have too much for ourselves." My mom smiled at them

"We would love to." Luke smirked at me

"Goodie!" She clapped,"'make yourselves at home while I'm finishing up." She smiled at them and I groaned. My mom glared at me, as a sign to be nice to them, and then she left the room to the kitchen.

"Your moms cheery." Mike said

"Unlike you." Tan boy said

"Yeah, I'm more like my dad." I rolled my eyes 

"Clumsy and a loner? Yes you are." My mom added from the kitchen, I scoffed.

"I'm not a loner." I told her

"That's not what Jessica said." She told me

"Watch the food." I rolled my eyes

"I love your mom already." Luke laughed 

"Thank you!" My mom said from the kitchen

I sighed and got off the couch, and as soon as I did I was bombarded with 'where are you going' even from my mom and she couldn't even see me.

"Damn! Can't a girl go to the bathroom?" I asked, I glared at the floor as I hopped over to the staircase. Knowing damn well I wasn't going to the bathroom, I did my best to hop up the stairs. Once I got to the top, I hopped to my room and closed my door behind me. I grabbed my extra pair of headphones since mine got lost somewhere between my fall and the ride to the hospital, then I hopped back to the stairs, wondering how the hell I was going to get down.

I looked around for something, and saw an empty basket. 

"This will be fun." I laughed to myself and put the basket on the floor in front of me. I fell into the basket and pushed myself down the stairs, it made a loud noise and hurt my ass but it was worth it.

"Holy shit! That was the best escalator ever!" I laughed at myself when I made it to the bottom of the stairs

"She's not okay." My mom said to the boys when they gave me a questionable look.

"Foods ready." My mom said, and I attempted to get out of the basket, which was a success. I hopped to the couch, grabbed the crutches, since I could barely hop anymore, and went into the kitchen. 

After dinner, the boys left, finally, and I actually learned the tan boys name. Calum. And Mikes name is actually Michael. But they haven't changed my opinion on not having friends. I'm never having any friends ever again.


"What happened to your foot?" Is the question I got all day the next monday. 

"Oh, some bear got hungry and ate it." I said to the last person who asked

"What?!" They yelled

I rolled my eyes and put my headphones in to block out everyone. But then some bitch had the audacity to poke me.

I looked behind me and saw Calum.

"May I help you?" I asked rudely

"How's your ankle?" He asked me with a smile

"Leave me alone." I told him, then the teacher called my name and told me to go to their desk. Since I didn't want to use my crutches, and I was literally two feet from the desk, I hopped to it. 

"You're failing." She told me

"What?" I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion 

"So there has been a tutor assigned to help you." She finished 

"Who?" I asked

"Ashton Irwin." She told me

"Ashton? Is he a brunette?" I asked and she smiled

"Good so you know him, it won't be as awkward then." She told me

"I wouldn't necessarily say know him." I rolled my eyes, then she dismissed me, so I hopped back to my seat.

"What was that about?" Calum asked me. I ignored him and put my headphones in. 

This life couldn't get any worse could it?

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Chapter Three

 "So she's failing, and you have to tutor her?" I heard as I walked passed Calum and Ashton.

"Apparently." Ashton shrugged,"hey, Kristina, did you get the good news?" Ashton asked me

"It's not good news." I said to him

"Yes it is. It's another excuse for all of us to hang out." Calum smirked 

"You all try too much." I rolled my eyes before using my crutches to quickly get away from them. But I was too slow on these fuckers because Ashton caught up to me, just as he did, Jessica purposely pushed me to the ground and I dropped my bag and crutches

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Ashton yelled at her

"Wow, the loner actually managed to get a friend." Jessica laughed and her minions laughed as well. 

"She has a broken ankle, you bitch. Apologize to her." Calum stood up for me, I rolled my eyes at them. She wasn't going to apologize for anything she's done. She never will.

"Yeah, she probably broke it trying to fuck a stranger in a bathroom stall." Jessica rolled her eyes

Calum and Ashton were furious, and didn't even notice me get off the floor and walk away. But when they did I was already out of the school, it was during lunch, and Since it actually wasn't raining today, I decided to sit outside.

It wasn't long after that those boys found me, sadly.

"Kristina, we have to make a time and place or else you'll fail, you know?" That was the first thing Ashton had told me when they found me. I ignored him. 

"Why are we still trying? She obviously doesn't want to be our friend." Michael said, I stopped myself from agreeing with him. 

"Shut up, Mike. She's just stubborn." Luke told Michael 

"I'm not stubborn." I glared at Luke

"Then why won't you be our friend?" Luke asked

"I don't want to be your friend because I don't want friends." I said for the millionth time. 

"Look what we have here, the loner is angry with her friends. How sad." Jessica sneered from a couple of tables away from me.

"They aren't my friends." I glared at her

"Yes we are." Calum smirked

"Oh, that's right, they're just your fuck buddies, right?" She cackled 

"No, I'm pretty sure they're yours. Along with every other guy in the school. And I also see that you tried to cover herpes with makeup, but it didn't work very well." I smiled at her, Ashton tried to keep his laughter in.

Jessica gasped, then got up with her minions. She walked passed my table and I felt something cold run down my back and face. 

"Oh shit." Michael mumbled as my mouth dropped. 

Jessica laughed,"oops?" She said before tossing the cup at me and leaving inside the school. 

"Are you okay?" Luke asked me

"So I fucking look okay?" I snapped and grabbed my crutches. 

"Do you need a ride home?" Ashton asked me

"I'm fine." I said through my clenched teeth. I didn't go inside to leave through those doors, instead, I left while I was outside.

I got almost a block away from the school when my armpits were hurting from the constant walking I was doing with the crutches, but I had to get home and I was nearly 30 minutes away. And that was while driving. At this point, there were flys surrounding me by the smell of whatever Jessica poured on me, and as much as I tried to get them away, they just came back. 

And then I realized that I probably should've taken Ashton up on that ride. 

And as if it was a wish, Ashton's car pulled up beside me and he rolled the window down.

"Get in." He easily said, and I didn't argue.

"I'm surprised you didn't deny the offer." Michael said once I got in the car. Michael was in the passengers seat this time, unlike last time. 

"Shut up." I rolled my eyes as Ashton drove to my house. Within the next thirty minute drive, all that was heard was the music playing.

Once we made it to my house, I quickly got out,"thanks." I muttered behind me, and made sure I grabbed my bag. I walked to my porch slowly because of these goddamn crutches, and when I got inside, I saw my mom sitting on the couch.

"There's foo--" she stopped talking when she looked at me

"What happened?" She asked me

"Jessica happened." I rolled my eyes before hopping upstairs with my crutches. After I had showered and washed every speck of my body, aside from one leg because of the cast, I got out of the shower and put clothes on. 

I grabbed the basket my mom purposely hid from me, and set it on the top of the stairs, then got in. I pushed myself down the stairs, and my mom only shook her head. 

"I hid that for a reason." She told me

"Yeah, and it's hard to get down the stairs in this Godforsaken thing." I gestured to my cast on my leg, and as I was looking at it I saw something on it. 

Those fuckers signed my cast. 

How could I have not noticed it before? It's been nearly a week!

"What is it?" My mom asked me

"Nothing." I mumbled as I got out of the basket. 

"Okay, well, there's food in the kitchen if you're hungry. Me and your father are going out tonight so you have to babysit your brother." She told me

"Why can't he go to his friends?" I asked as I sat on the couch

"Because he got in a fight the last time." My mom told me and I rolled my eyes

"Well, he's 14, he can take care of himself." I suggested

"I'd rather you take care of him." She told me. 

I looked at my cast one more time and saw a phone number, it was under Calums name. Then I had an idea.

"Can I have-" I hated the word I was about to use,"-a friend come over?" I asked

"Friend? Who?" She questioned

"Calum." I said

"Oh, so you decided to be friends?" She smiled

"Is that a yes?" I refused to answer the question

"No sex in my house." She told me and my eyes widened

"Mom!" I yelled

"Go ahead and call him, your father will be home in a while and then we'll leave. Ollie is already in his room, most likely he'll be there all night so you and Calum won't have anything to worry about." She winked at me and my jaw dropped

"Mom, we aren't dating!" I told her

"You don't have to be dating to have sex with someone." She told me

"And we aren't having sex." I added 

"Whatever you say, sweetie. Just make sure you're using protection, those pills I slip in your food can fail sometimes." She told me

"What?" I questioned,"mom, I've never had sex with anyone." I told her

"What about Jack?" She raised her eyebrow and I blushed

"Besides him." I mumbled

Someone walked into the house before she could say anything else.

"Call Calum, your fathers home." She smiled at me

"I'll call him after you two leave." I told her and she shook her head with a smile on her face.

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Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

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