The Scare


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Thursday, September 7, 2017

8:24 AM

Love is to kill for but is it really a killer.




" MARK GET IN HERE NOW,'' said Jack. '' Jack what do you want I'm working on my video.'' said Mark. Mark come into the room where Jack was. To Mark surprise Jack was standing by a dogs. Since Mark has lost his dogs. Since then he has been so sad. Jack has been there for Mark after the death of his dogs. Mark was so happy when he saw the dogs but one looked so much like Chica he started to cry. "Mark what's wrong did I do something wrong,'' said Jack ''No Jack you didn't do anything wrong I am so happy.'' said Mark. After that day thing started to get weird. Mark started to pass out for no reason. He went to the doctor but they said nothing was wrong. Jack just left to get food for them. When Mark started to cough up blood he had to call Jack to hurry home. By the time Jack got home Mark was on the floor. Jack rushed up to Mark to see if he was breathing. Jack called 911. Jack saw Mark go to the hospital. When Mark was discharged they when straight home. Mark was feeling better. Mark was playing with his dogs when he noticed something in the coner of his eye. But when he turned around nothing was there. '' Jack are you here. Please stop scaring me." said Mark. But there was no answer. So Jack wasn’t there. So he went back to playing with the dogs. For days now Mark has been seeing things weird thing. Mark had a feeling it was bad. That night went to sleep Jack was later to get home from the store so Mark stayed up until Jack got home. Mark was asleep now. In the middle of the night Mark heard a noise. Mark thought to himself could that just be Jack but Jack was right beside him so he thought the dogs were making the noise but the dogs were outside. So Mark got out of the bed to check what the noise was. Nothing was there. But he saw something but it can't be he has been seeing things all day. So he went back to bed. Jack woke up the next day. Mark wasn’t there in the bed he must be making breakfest. But Jack smelled nothing. He saw Mark on the floor asleep he must of fell out of the bed last night. So Jack picked up Mark into his arms and put him into the bed. Jack stared to make breakfast for Mark and him. Jack heard a noise it must be Mark. It was Mark thank god it was Mark. As Jack saw Mark coming into the room he saw the Mark was pale, " Mark are you sick?" asked Jack. Mark didn’t feel well that morning. Jack saw something in Mark eyes that told him to he wasn't the Mark he knew. " Whats wrong Jack is there something wrong?" asked Mark, "Who are you?" as Jack said it so quitly. "It's me Jack you lover." said Mark , Jack knew Mark never said lover to him so it wasn’t the Mark he knew. But it looked like him. " Oh no it can't be him. His he back?" thought Jack. Then out of nowhere Mark came at Jack. " MARK STOP THIS ISN'T YOU." yelled Jack, " OH BUT IT IS JACK THIS IS THE REAL ME!" said Mark. Jack knew who it was now it was Mark's dark side Darkiplier. Jack has to go and get Tyler, Ethan, and Felix they need to stop Darkiplier before he hurts someone or worst hurts himself. Jack rushed out of the house has soon as he figured it out.

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Jack arrived at the house he saw a lot more people at the house but instead of backing away he ran inside to tell them. Jack startled the people inside the house. "Woah,Jack slowed down!" said Ethan. " Well sorry but I really can't slow down." said Jack. "Yes you can." said Felix. "You don't understand he's back he took Marks body." said Jack as he cried. "Well you just say that.: said Tyler. Jack felt a buzzing in his ears "No please don't do this to me right now" said Jack almost crying. Just as he said that he pasted out all the barriers went down. Thing were getting worst by the second. As Jack woke up he felt a pool of blood around him no he couldn't of done this they can't be dead. Just as he saw it. It went away. But he still felt the warmth of blood around him. Was it his blood. This time he really woke up. But the blood was still there but it wasn't theirs it was his blood. Someone must of knocked him out. He saw the shadow of his boyfriend. "This can't be happening please someone help me." said Jack crying. "No one can hear you" said Mark no it wasn't Mark it couldn't be he has been with Jack everywhere. "Mark is that you?" asked Jack. " Yes it is my little Irish bae." Said Mark. "No it can't be you have been with me or was that Darkiplier?" asked Jack. " It was Darkiplier he took me right before Wade's marriage he knocked me out." said Mark as his voice shaked. " He told me you haven't be honest with me is this true Jack." said Mark crying now. Jack couldn't tell Mark that he had a dark side to him but was in him. " Mark he was telling the truth I haven't been completley honest with you. I have a dark side to me it keeps pulling me to you. He told me I wasn't good enough for you. He tried to kill me more than once." said Jack. " Oh, baby you are good enough for me." Said Mark. " He trying to get me to put down my barriers." said Jack. " That was easy. Thank you for telling me you have a dark side to let me help you see my way. Sorry it has to be this way. But he says he loves you for who you are. Said Mark. "NO, you tricked me." said Jack." No, we all tricked you." said the friends he trusted. They were getting to close he had to find a way out but the only way was to let his dark side out. Ok here goes nothing. Jack was letting go of everything he loved except Mark." I'm sorry Mark but I have to do this." said Jack. Has Jack let go he saw the day Mark and him met. They met each other Vidcon. Jack didn't want to let go of the memories. He stared to get dizzy that means his dark side was sipping in. He has to be careful now he doesn't want to hurt them his friends. Now he has to get out of here. Ok here goes nothing. He started to kick at them they doubled over. This was his chance to go. Get the key a run out. But he couldn’t do that he loved Mark so much. He couldn't leave Mark. Mark has been there for him. Ok let's not fight. Hopefully he made the right choice. He forgot that his dark side was out he started to put is barriers backup hopefully it worked. It worked. .But not for long he started to see black. This was the worst way to see thing right now.. He was getting dizzy now. He started to feel sick to his stomach.. Jack threw up it wasn't vomit it was blood..

Mark saw what was happening. He stared to fight his dark side. He knew he was stronger than is. He did it. He rushed to Jack but it was too late Jack wasn't breathing. Mark started to do compression on Jack. He was crying now. He couldn't go home and tell Sam and Tim that their dad died. He was working over time now to save Jack. It was 10 minutes in and Jack stared to breathe again it worked. Jack was crying so was Mark they were happy that they made it out alive.

They went home to see the kid. Tim was a few years older the Sam.. Tim rushed up to Jack but stopped . Tim saw the blood. Tim rushed to the house and locked himself in the bathroom. "Tim what's wrong?" ask Mark. " Dad has blood on his shirt that only happens when you know what comes out." said Tim. He unlocked the bathroom door and saw his dad's face it was red from crying. Tim ran to his dad and hugged him as hard as he could. " Tim your dad is fine it did happen but it won't happen again ok." said mark " are you sure Daddy." said Tim."yes, I'm sure." said Mark trying to hold back tears. " Ok" said Tim as he stopped crying.

"Jack get in here now!" said Mark "What" said Jack. " I got you something." said Mark

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